Thursday, January 24, 2008

Walking on ice

Well it's more like shuffling really. At least until I bought some yak traks tonight. I walked from my work to the Bright Angel to meet Mike; while I was waiting I wandered into the gift shop hoping they would have at least the crampons. Yes it sounds bad, but they work; barely. I was tickled to find the tracs and bought them. As the world outside has been blustery with '1 or more' inches of snow (it's turning out to be 'or more'; a lot more), I look forward to the beauty it will be. Now I won't fear walking the rim as much to get more fabulous pictures. I am eternally thankful for the fake rabbit fur hat I bought in London, and the suede lambswool lined coat I got in Georgia. I stay snuggly warm as the wind blows the white stuff around to decorate the landscape as the trees talk.


Anonymous said...

As Winnie The Pooh would say, It's A Blustry Day Outside to piglet. But, stay warm and well, the worst part is almost over, as I know Jan and Feb were always the worst in OHIO and you hated to get out of bed.

Stay Warm

Mom and Nana, I am both! said...

I am sooo glad you got the yak traks now you can get some more AWESOME pictures and share them :), love ya sis!!!!!!!!