Sunday, January 31, 2010


Is off to a roaring start. I moved back into a dorm room at Colter Hall; this building was designed by Mary Colter in the 30's. As someone told me, you're going full circle. But with a few differences, I have single status so I don't have a room mate, my sister is not here, and I am considerably more aware of my direction - at least here. Later will be another story.
Had the home phone and internet turned off, suffice it to say getting the services are a feat in themselves; so I waiting for a payday and got a cell phone and internet. Thus the length of time between blogging. In those days of waiting, I read, unpacked almost everything and am making a list of changes to do for spring when spring fever hits. Plus we endured a lot of snow, well Flagstaff did and they closed the roads in and out for 2 days; but it was beautiful. It still is beautiful, but most of the snow is now melting off.
Someone asked me if I had any resolutions, I told him; one. To have a better year.