Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. ~Roger Miller

We've had rain on and off for the past week; though the weather looks like it'll be nice next week. This stuffs the shuttle busses with bodies; along with the stores and restaurants. Thatll help on that front I'm sure; but it does make us locals choosy with regards to where we go and how.

For me the weather has given me opportunity to set up my new apartment the way I want to and dream about how I want to decorate it. Life is just too short to waste on worries as I ponder what I want to achieve and/or make in the next five years. What ever life brings I hope to meet it with joy and beauty

Sunday, May 10, 2009

May, the month for changes

May was brought in with a gusty wind of change. Mike had left on the 1st; ushering a week of realignment with myself. Friday's full moon brought out the depth of mercury retro; with communication alignments going full charge.

I have been reminded again how much my family of friends mean to me; those at long distances and those close by.

I still very much like my job I do; I've got some areas I definately need improvment but I know deep in my heart that when I have them improved I will do well.

I believe things happen for reasons; sometime we don't understand them, other times it's quite obvious. Yesterday throughout the morning people were dropping coins. The first time it passed through my mind; after the second time I got the message: Change. Not just myself; but what I accept regarding personal behavior to me - those are the most obvious. The rest will surface in time.

Happy Mothers Day

To one and all.
Last year at this time we had snow. Thank goodness the sun is shining and it's beautiful; expected to be near 80. What a relief.