Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Creative stirrings...

Watching a screen view of art - modern - the canyon's way of visiting a museum - I noticed my eyes relaxed. When I look at pieces of realism, and older pieces they tense as do I.

I want to absorb how they're created...why? Is it because they sell? But do they?
Dare I attempt the 'native dancers' to abstract? Is it opening another dimension? Should I study abstract drawings or will that create tension?

I remember my art instructor in college, at the end/beginning of a project we would watch slides for 2 minutes for inspiration. Once we got the project our table of peeps would 'brainstorm' over the project, shooting questions to one another, answering and throwing ideas into the canvas of the mind creating images. '

Is this what is missing? The inspiration jam.

Not easy to find here.