Monday, January 21, 2008

Bestowment from Winter

It's like a York peppermint patty commercial, except it's real. It's exhilarating, breathtaking, and emotionally overwhelming to see the canyon and the forest in frost or snow.
This is called hoar frost. What ever it is or however science wants to deliver it; it's poetry.

Each individual needle is covered in a very light sugar coating of frost. What makes the frost so obvious is the frost itself is built up like it was snowflakes partially melted onto the needles so it looks like it has 'tentacles'. It was the prettiest I think I've ever seen the trees.

Last Monday it poured about 18 inches of snow on us. It was a bugger to get to work, but the atmosphere around the work place was excitement to see how Mother Nature painted the canyon. It cleared at lunch, but I didn't dare go look or I'd be very late back; but right after work I hurried up to the canyon and was thoroughly enthralled with the magnificence it once again presented me with.

These are but a few of hundreds I have momentarily clicked with my camera. They are worth the hard encrusted ice I sometimes have to slip and slide on to get to work, or to play; not to mention the time everyone has waited to see them.

I am truely blessed to have the opportunity to be here for these moments. I've been told this only happens once every 7 years, to be honored is humbling to say the least.

In silence I wait
Ancestors hold destiny
In the breath of wind.


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Anonymous said...

beautiful pics, I feel the need of a trip and I guess you can say, you can scratch this off of your bucket list.