Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I was reminded today of how I used to joke with regards to 'keeping the bean counters happy', I burst out laughing because I am now one; and yes, I still have to keep the bean counters happy - especially this one.
I'm still leaning my new job and it will take me a while to learn as it is intense in details. I will probably miss the interaction I used to have with guests and co workers; I just have to narrow the co-worker interaction to a small handful since I'm no longer in the 'loop';but keep open to those I do encounter whether by accident or intention.
It feels good to be able to breath again, illness ran rampant through our village and is trying to cling on. I'm grateful for the vitamins and immunity drops I've both bought and have been given for I feel like I'm waking up again. Time to enjoy the talents I have, the thoughts I want to create and continue the journey. For the moment it's time to cook some soup, crackers, cheese, a little cut up apple and some wine. Tomorrow begins yet another day of opportunities.

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Anonymous said...

and it will be given at that, and as always Nancy's famous words to me and This TOO SHALL PASS! Remember you have more beautiful nature to enjoy then we do all we have is tall buildings.