Sunday, January 28, 2007


In the darkness shadows fall
Weak and weary I tumble then fall
So on scraped knees I attempt to crawl
In the distance I heard a ravens caw
Deep inside I shivered upon my recall
A maul
The distorted realities of a lifeless doll
That lived a life of its own law
Continuously bumping into wall after wall after wall
Until the maul
Wherest my eyes opened and I finally saw
The height and breadth of the tall wide wall
I opened my mouth with an attempt to call
But my voice was strangled from what my mind saw
Was hope taking one last fall?
It crushed and splinted as we hit the wall
And in the darkness it did fall

written 12/8/05


I stood outside today
The sun kissed my tears away
As the wind ran its hands through my hair
And caressed.
The warmth enveloped me with its arms
And whispered
Its sacred love

Saturday, January 27, 2007

History, or something like that

My oldest sister graciously offered her log on to a geneology site which is proving to be rather ambigious at best. On my own I did find my grandmothers marrige info and subsequently discovered her full name. Nannah Edith Camburn.

No one I know has any information on her lineage, father, mother, etc so I'm finding tid bits here and there. Census records mostly, though those aren't so detailed. Unfortunately birth and death records get pricey so those will have to be garnered slowly.

Like a tree that grows.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Under a cloud

Watching Grey's Anatony it all came back. The feeling of her skin, her little hand in mine as her shell all but remaind. A reminance of a little life that touched so many. Those little fingers ever so ethereal in their beauty and structure. A once living symbol still exists on a pope's sceptor - her hand carried across through time to have blessed so many with her living form - especially me.

As Mars flew high into that August night sky, her spirit flew in such brilliance shadowing the planets red glow with her own light. Off she flies to dance with a friend, meet some relatives and occasionally remind me she still loves me with presents of feathers.

I wonder if I collect enough of them to make wings large enough, can I fly up to be with you?

Not yet it seems, perhaps for a long time should I be so blessed?!

Slowly the lump of ancient ice melts in my throat. The ice as ancient as the shelf in the artic, slowly melts evolving into tears that fall filled with salt of timeless ages. Covered by the cloud that hovers so momentarily, I know this too passes and the sun comes out again.


That's what the file folder says, so here I am. Back on the blog. I've had heartfelt expressions of wondering where I was and how was anyone to keep track of my mind. Of this I can only say 'beware of all who enter' for once one has seen what this mind offers will only add a different slant to a perception.

Thank you Dr. Chris for breathing life back into the old computer (I was going to say hard drive...but that could have such conotations don't you think?!) So I won't damange a poor innocent man as yourself.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I did despite my daughters attempt at drama to do otherwise. It was still filled with love.

Like life, love can be found anywhere as long as it starts from within.