Sunday, December 05, 2010

a serene moment

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Happy December

Here it is almost the middle of the month. Susan's got a new job working at Progress Energy - whoo hooo. Jackie isn't working so I'm going over there...
at least its across the parking lot and not very far from work.

So in the interum of moving, again; I'll continue to take pictures, play bejeweled (terribly addicted), read a lot, work at the Hilton, and let my hair grow out.

Happy Christmas ya'll

Saturday, October 09, 2010


In the paper this morning I saw a quote from a lawyer talking about what a few banks are doing: putting on hold foreclosures. He stated (and I'm not going to quote because I already threw out the paper), about how this will greatly affect the mortgage forclosure industry. Well personally I think that is one industry that really needs to go bye-bye. Wishful thinking I know but it has gotten waaayyyy too big for it's britches, as in the case of several people who had paid up front for their house and the bank foreclosing on the home - that is out of hand.

On another front a survey says people will back a tax for the light rail between St. Petersburg and Tampa, my question is: What happened to the stimulus money that was to be used for that? If it's already been used that would be nice to know, but where has all the costs come from for the surveys, meetings, and other expenditures to determine if the light rail is even a viable necessity for this area?

Then there is the question of what ever happened to paper drives? I remember as a child our schools doing paper drives for the newspaper, but then at that time there was the St. Petersburg Times and the Evening Independent.

To quote one of my favorite articles in the paper; "that's all I have to say" for now

Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer reflections 2

Rainbows and bluegrass
A sultry summers evening
Reflections on light

Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's not the canyon

It may not be the Grand Canyon, but I drove through the concrete jungle to Sawgrass State Park to commune with nature. A beautiful 400 acre park off of 62nd ave in St. Petersburg, Florida; a place to escape the heat of the concrete jungle and enjoy the dappled sunlight in a lot of welcoming shade.

I didn't wander far and plan on going back for more exploration but here are a few things I saw:

This one took me by surprise, I never knew dragonflies fished.

Just when I thought there wasn't a large choice within my eyesight beyond ferns, mud and scrub oak, I came across this hammock between trees.

Don't you just loved dappled sunlight?

Friday, May 28, 2010


As my ex used to say; another useless nut. Referring to the buckeye, that is what I am becoming.

First word that comes to mind: GREEN! Next words: poison ivy, ahhh. Had to go to the hospital as it became horribly infected. So I am healing. When I look out back, there is no light polution, new word: pastural.

I saw my first lightening bug last night. A single irrididecent floating. It brought a smile to my face.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hello, good bye

Moving day approaches.

Yes. Several weeks ago I came to a decision with a dear friend who has adopted me as her daughter since I was pregnant with Brittany. She lives in Ohio and I hope she's realized what she's agreed to when she said she'd love to have me.

So this next Tuesday I'm spending the night at Flagstaff, then heading East to Ohio on Wednesday morning. It is something I've been wanting to do for some time but didn't face the courage to ask her. Glad I finally did.

So here's the start of a list of things I will miss:

My family of friends
Sun in winter
Sparing elk
Friday night Wii night at Patrick's
A lot of my customers that I've deveolped a good relationship with

I'm sure there will be more additions once I'm gone, I guess I'm still a bit numb with preparations and all that.

I remember on our way (my sister Susan and I)out here we passed a field of yellow flowers where I could actually see my youngest child dancing in the field. I thought to myself that was my welcome to the canyon.

The other day I saw a young girl in a wheel chair, she looked exactly like my youngest when she was younger it stopped me in my tracks, but I smiled sweetly and said "Hello sweetheart" and whispered to my self as I walked away "I still miss you"

That was my good bye to the canyon.

Birthday weekend

Well here it is the end of April already. It's snowed the last two days, though we're tired of snow it was still beautiful.

I am already thinking of what I will miss when I leave the Canyon next week, but first let me back up to my birthday weekend.

Ellen, Jen and I went to Zion National Park in Utah. Spring, a different time of year, the sun wasn't so hot, the flowers not yet in bloom, the Virgin river too full and too cold to do the narrows, but the waterfalls were flowing. All that snow helped to create a rapid river and waterfalls.

On my birthday day while Jen and Ellen took the morning to hike near Angel's Landing I took the river walk. Of course I didn't stay on the paved pathway I had to explore all the little off shoots of little dirt trails here and there. It was too cold for the bogs to be brimming with the red dragonflies I saw last summer, but it was still beautiful; and of course a waterfall.

Before meeting up with them I had a snack lunch in the Grotto, which is a picnic area in a grove of Cottonwood trees. They were just starting to bud. I caught up with my birthday calls and then met them back at the lodge. We changed and went into Springdale (that CUTE town outside of Zion) and did some shopping. It was great going into all of the shops and stuff. For dinner we went to Oscar's, and split 1 hamburger 3 ways (they are really really huge and really really good), and a toastada with pesto, cheese and tomatoes. It was the BEST burger I've ever had. For dessert we all split the brownie sundae, it was as big as a dinner plate. It was so nice spending my day with them at one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

The next morning before heading back we hiked to the lower emerald pool. Ever stand behind a waterfall? It's magical.

Needless to say it was a great weekend, one I will remember for a very long time.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

March - Spring Forward

Well March is almost gone but not forgotten. Spring breakers decended with a wallop, the sun is out more, the snow is melting (yeah!), the elk are back from where ever they migrated; and several people have asked me where do they go? I don't know, and why ask me and not a ranger?

There's been a lot of site inspections this month, the one I'm happiest about is with a company I worked well with last year. The relationship between my boss and them was shady at best and I'm glad she decided at the last minute to go with me. It worked, the relationship is in the repair area bringing in more business to both sales and FIT.

Last weekend Gayle called and asked if I wanted to drive with her to Pine, Strawberry and Payson, Arizona. Three small towns outside of Flagstaff. It was a nice drive, and nicely warmer. The first small town called Pine is very cute. Stopped at an Herbal shop, bought a few things and met with the owner. I was pleased to discover a concoction for allergies and have been using it all week with very good results. Went to a thrift store; I ended up getting a bunch of paperback books and a few other things and we wandered to the Tonto Natural Bridge which is in between Pine and Strawberry. Great little state park which is unfortunately slated to be closed this year due to lack of funding.

This is a view from the top. We did not hike down as she did not have the correct gear or shoes to go down (and I saw steps that reminded me an awful lot of the South Kaibab trail - my knees ached as I looked)

It was early afternoon so the sun was hitting the waterfall at just the right angle to create the rainbow.

Ended up hitting a few more thrift stores; even joked with another woman and her mother that was doing the same rounds. Spent more then expected, but came home with a lot of finds. I was thanking my stars I did not have an apartment as there was some great antiques that I'm sure I would've purchased but don't need.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 2010 - immersion

Well here it is past the middle sliding it's way to the end of this month already. The cell phone is here as am I.

I was honored to go with a friend to the Second Mesa on the Hopi reservation a couple of weekends ago to experience the 'bean ceremony'. It's a weekend long celebration for the Native Americans of the Hopi clan which I have come to respect a lot. At the house of our native friend we were given a tour from the children of the area; they showed us trails where the katsinas would come out in the night to start the ceremonies. We followed a trail that had a scattering of prayer feathers, and got caught up in the wonderous beliefs. It was refreshing to watch the children as all they wanted to do all day was play outside using their imaginations and the things they could pick up. Tried a couple of traditional soups; bean sprout soup (reminded me of cabbage and ham) and a mutton soup with hominy. Both were very tasty. We then went to the plaza (there is actually 2 of them) and sat with blankets and jackets - it was cold and watched the katsinas dancing and communicating with the body. They were amazing to say the least. No pictures that would've been invasive but I have them imprinted in my mind. The dolls they made for the girls were spectacular, the lightening bolts and rattles for the boys were as spectacular.

So the days go onward, the park gets busier, I am enriched by the immersion into another culture that goes back beyond our time yet remains timeless in meaning.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Is off to a roaring start. I moved back into a dorm room at Colter Hall; this building was designed by Mary Colter in the 30's. As someone told me, you're going full circle. But with a few differences, I have single status so I don't have a room mate, my sister is not here, and I am considerably more aware of my direction - at least here. Later will be another story.
Had the home phone and internet turned off, suffice it to say getting the services are a feat in themselves; so I waiting for a payday and got a cell phone and internet. Thus the length of time between blogging. In those days of waiting, I read, unpacked almost everything and am making a list of changes to do for spring when spring fever hits. Plus we endured a lot of snow, well Flagstaff did and they closed the roads in and out for 2 days; but it was beautiful. It still is beautiful, but most of the snow is now melting off.
Someone asked me if I had any resolutions, I told him; one. To have a better year.