Monday, July 30, 2007

GGW 2007

Here it is, the girls gone WIDE tour 2007. As MJ so eloquently explained it, 30 years ago we all became friends. Back then we were girls gone wild, so now we've become the girls gone wide. Needless to say it was a success, after all where ever we are there is a party. If there isn't one, we make it.

How many years has it been since men stared at our breasts? It was rather funny as many different people, of all different age ranges read our shirts and all had comments like "looks like you still got it", or "you go girls!", or a simple glazed look below the chin line. A couple of us may end up in a college blog somewhere (get your mind out of the gutter we didn't flash any one!) We left it to their imaginations...

Each night or should I say morning we staggered back to the hotel room around 4am. Frankly the beds were SO COMFORTABLE I believe they help alleviate a hangover. Sure did me.

Despite the experience of being a source of joy for those around us, it was another bonding moment as my best friends and I celebrated the depth of friendship we hold sacred. What a send off to the 'wanderer' in the group. At least this wandering is joyously anticipated and gives them another place to visit.

So what do you think girls, GGW2008 in Vegas? Do we dare have a camera person?

It's so hot (even Rocky thinks so)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I wonder

I wonder if there are lightening bugs out West? Will the crickets sound the same? Is it true one can smell the wild sage on the breeze? What is the night music and how will it differ? Can tree frogs live in that climate? Will thunder boom, roll or roar?

I look forward to seeing the stars, I hear one sees more falling stars out there. How will the landscape look painted in the monochrome colors from the moon's watery glow? Do they put Christmas lights on cactus'?

This and so much more....I wonder.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Well the count down begins. Today I made my flight reservations to get into Phoenix, the bus ticket will be waiting for me, and the hostel has my reservations for when I get in.

Right now it doesn't feel real. I remember making detailed plans on visiting my new grand daughter, and changing them at the last minute due to judegements of past choices thrown in my face like the rotten egg time turned it into. Hmm how could those be changed and the egg made fresh again? It can't, like the past it's always there; I just don't choose to let the past be my present or future. Choices.

This time I'm not going for anyone by myself, with that said I will say I'm a bit nervous, excited, and not just a bit wistful as anticipation flows. Changes are happening, sometime it moves so slow like erosion we don't see it, but it's building momentum as time draws near. Expectations? I'm striving to keep those at a minimum, as they tend to turn into predispositions which in turn tend to be disappointing. As we all know fantasy is most times better then the reality. I am leaving the expectations open to discovery of new places, new people, and new experiences with hope they are all exceptional.

I will miss my friends. I've come to realize how lucky I am they aren't selfish. Selfish in the fact they aren't trying to guilt me into staying, giving me bad reports of what's happening, or pouting. Instead they have reserved the best cheering section of the bleachers; and I hear their words of encouragement, their hand clapping, hooting and hollering. They and I know we're always with each other no matter how far apart we are and besides it gives them a new place to venture to.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday, July 09, 2007

Surface stuff

Today is yet another day. July 9th. Mercury goes forward tonight, it was 89 degrees but felt like 99, humidity feels like 110%, gas is $2.85 a gallon (at least for my car) and I worked. Surface stuff.

I've been reading a wonderful series of books (Ugh, David I'm going to thump you on the forehead!), about Earth Man. It's written by a husband and wife team, she's an archaeologist and he's an anthropologist. Though the characters may be fiction the events are real, there's even bibliographies in the back for further research. Fascinating reading.

On another venture I've been looking up information regarding the magnetic north pole. What I found coincides with the changes throughout history in the geographical findings dug up. Those thousand years or more were but a blink of an eye or a layer in the rock. Global warming. I had to laugh when I read an article on my news regarding one of the major conferences in which our fearless leader refused to sign with regards to the global warming issue. In it, the article stated (and I'm paraphrasing) something with regards to lowering the global temperature several degrees. Who has their finger on the earth's thermostat? Hmmm, that's what I'd like to know.

Either way, personally, I don't think we have much say in the issue of nature taking it's course; neither did our ancestors thousands of years ago. Have we changed much with regards to beliefs of our climate changes being curses from the unknown all powerful? Not likely. I'm pretty amazed as I read, (yes I know they're fiction!), how similar our governments and social atmosphere hasn't really changed all that much. Even warfare was atrocious. That hasn't changed much either, just the weaponry used.

There is no easy answer, but the same story keeps coming around. Hmm, isn't there a quote somewhere with regards to learning history or be doomed to repeat it?

Monday, July 02, 2007

August 21st 2007

This is the new starting day at the Grand Canyon for my sister and I. Moves it up a bit.