Friday, January 18, 2008

one red jelly bean, two green jelly beans...

Well the 2nd full week of work has come to a completion. It's been and still is a great learning experience. I've had a few people I used to see more often come up to me and ask me where I've been. One lady thought I was away on vacation. Mike's got weekends off, he got them before me, but it's nice going up to the rim early when he goes in the wee hours to have breakfast with him. We usually meet around lunch time, sometimes we have time to share the lunch hour, sometimes just enough time to say hi; but we always meet for dinner. Tonight we had dinner with Sue, it was good to see her feeling better and back on her feet.
I still love the snow, I just dislike walking on encrusted ice; which is predominant here. I miss wearing my cowboy boots. As I get more accustomed to the new schedule, and the changes life has bestowed, I will blog more. In the meantime, be patient with me I'm in another field tending my roots to bloom where planted.

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