Saturday, October 03, 2009


Not officially the beginning of fall, but it has been cooler in the mornings. Came down with something Thursday, went home Friday and after as much pampering as I can do I feel a lot better. Working a lot, as September and October is busy months for groups not been doing a whole lot of anything else. Zak's visiting in December, looking foward to that.
So in comes October, I'm not as excited as I usually am with regards to the approaching holidays; maybe the excitement is waiting? For what? I guess I'll know when it (what ever that is) happens.
The elk have been using my back yard as a 'singles' meet; this last week they've been bugling a lot. Such a funny squeak from such a large animal.
Well I hope to have more to blog about this month and I hope everyone's month is filled with happy surprises.

Happy Birthday MJ

Looks like we're on the way to 50! I know I reach it 6 months before you, but that's okay you'll get there eventually.