Monday, December 31, 2007

Summer with Coats

Sounds like an oxymoron, but lately it has been very crowded (like summer), but very cold (in coats). It was so crowded around Christmas I was getting clausterphobic. Very hectic at work to say the least. Personally hectic too as I moved into my new apartment. Turns out it's only 10 minutes walking time to work, and 5 more minutes to the new job place. Mike is already getting Saturday and Sunday's off so we'll have more time together. It's nice not to have to work all nights anymore, I've only been on nights for 10 weeks, this week I got a break having a couple of morning shifts thrown in. Joe (a co worker) asked me if I was afraid I'd turn to dust in the early morning light - after chuckling I had to concur I was a mite worried, but quickly relieved when I didn't.

I don't mind it when it's busy, except for the stupid questions (Where's the best place to view sunrise/sunset? OUTSIDE). Being in a mico community we are in, I have found that gossip of course continues, thoeugh it doesn't have as much opportunity when we're busy. It's when we get slower it becomes more malicious. I look forward to the changes forthcoming and will endeavor to create my environment that I both work and live as one of beauty and peace. There are those I hope to continue building friendships with and still smile and be a souuce of positive patience to others.

Personally I look forward to having the structured time to work, learning a new field, and enabling myself to concentrate more time and effort to art; taking the day moment by moment to live in the present. There's a lot Mike and I want to do together, and a lot we do. Though his back pack doesn't weigh as much as mine, yet, I will do my best not to fill his with my overflowing art supplies. Pretty serendipitous these changes begin at the start of a new year; once again reminding me to celebrate all changes as they are any time. So may the joy of change be with you in your journey of a new year.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


The other day Michael gave me a book (as one of his 12 days of Christmas gifts), on Mary Colter. He knew she was one of my new found heros. An exceptional woman of the late 1800's to early 1900's. Architecture for Hurst and The Fred Harvey company; many of her creations exist today in the Grand Canyon. Her vision was out of the box in the concept of using the surroundings and history to be. An exacting woman, strong in her convictions and and talents. Similar to another one of my heros Mary Cassatte, an artist from the Impressionist. Both women perservered beyond the constraints of their social environments to have their names whispered in awe. At least by me.
I was talking with one of our bellpersons, (she), and I were talking about sheros. The one question I asked we both contemplated and could not answer: Were these women full filled without a partner? (At least one that isn't mentioned in the history books.) This led to further questions in my mind. Can a successful woman (success is determined by doing what she wants and loves and still living comfortably from), be full filled and still have a life partner? Two people do come to my mind, the author Nora Roberts and my sister-friend Terry. I'm sure there are more out there; is there anyone who wants to add to this list?

New beginnings for the new year

Last week I interviewed for the retail auditor job and was actually offered the job at the end of the interview. It was a nice surprise, and yes I accepted. I will need to wait for the new year to start due to the demands of business, but there's a light (do you hear the song from Rocky Horror playing in my mind?!). The hotels are sold out throughout the holidays. Looked at an efficiency apartment today so I may have a new place before the end of the year as well!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh Christmas tree....

Sorry these are sideways, couldn't edit them to be upright but I wanted to post these experimental pictures of the Christmas tree at the Bright Angel Lodge.

I wondered how it would look with a bit of distortion. Pretty interesting for out of focus.

Then I held the shutter open to create designs with the lights.
This one I call 'Christmas Ribbons'

Winter's magic

The top two pics are at the rim. Took more then 75 pictures the other day with Mike. Once again I am awed by the beauty at each turn.

The following pictures are outside our door.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

You win some you lose some...

Friends. Everyone comes into one's life for a reason and we all hope they stay. Losing a friend over a slight only proves how unstable that friendship was, or actually it wasn't turning it into what can only be achieved as an aquaintance. One can only hope for the best for anyone, even those who find others no longer in thier 'circle'.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

December discoveries

Yesterday Mike and I stood at a picture window in the curio shop where I work watching the clouds in the canyon. The canyon was completely obscured by the clouds and we watched them starting to move out like whispy smoke. I'll post those pictures soon; he was the one who mentioned getting the camera out to capture the unique features the vision offered and we went out into the cold to watch and take pictures.

Today he found me at 'my spot', taking pictures of the canyon drawing down it's veil of clouds. We marveled at the density of some of the clouds as we braved the cold winds and occasional spitting of snow flurries taking pictures. Those too will be posted. It started snowing harder when we went in to lunch. Beautiful.

'Canyon time' seems to be an observance all of it's own. Since my last post I've met a wonderful couple from Houston who has become part of a new addition of friends. Mike and I have become more of a couple as we both try to spend more time together. I certainly feel a deeper sense of comfort, as we talk about anything and everything. Uric has become a friend as we get into rather unique discussions reminicent of the 'dinners with David', discussions. Glen took me to Flagstaff as we shared a day off and I got some fabulous sunset pictures, which again will be posted soon. It was a great get away for the day. I mention these people who have entered my life as you'll be hearing more about them in future posts; at least I hope as each give a unique addition to the connectivity we all share.

Christmas approaches, though each day has it's beauty, it's still a time where everyone is much nicer. I look back over the past several Christmas' and though I was with my family of friends (whom I miss very much), it seemed like something missing, from the anticipation onward. This year it feels different, a little more complete. Still there is an element of the unknown, and I don't mean presents, it is an unknown that is anticipated of discovery. Going out into the world I thank again my friends who are well known for shoving me through these doorways, here I am almost brought to tears of joy for the discoveries as the lists continue to grow with new adventures to do. Mule rides, hiking down the Kaibab trail to Phantom Ranch, spending a few nights at the bottom of the canyon and hiking up the Bright Angel Trail just to name a few. As Deepok Chopra had stated, and I paraphrase, it's the space between the words that speak volumes. Those spaces are those I hope to eloquently phrase including those new friends, lovers, and keeping the connection with my family of friends as this year continues into the new year. Good thing I have a 4 day weekend coming up since I have a lot of posting to catch up on. Life seems to be offering it's present of continuous discoveries. Who could ask for more?

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Does anyone remember the song they sang on the train in the movie 'White Christmas'? Well it was snow. Woke up today to a winter wonderland full of fat wet snow. Exquisite, it brought tears to my eyes.

Susan took these by our place
The one below is the El Tovar hotel in frosting:

Over the edge;

Lookout studio:

And it's a snow fall on the North Rim.

What another beautiful day.