Saturday, March 18, 2006

Indiana sun
Tractors in the fields
Smell the rich loamy dirt
Soon the smell of dust
As the heat beats down
The corn waves
As we drive by
Our hands out the windows
Creating rainbows
Ditch flowers growing wild
Ornamental dusty lanes
Lean into summer nights
Lit by fireflies
Stars all around
Wake up to fall
The smell of burnt carrots
Smells just like burning leaves
The frost on pumpkins
Like a sprinkle of sugar
Till the snow falls peaceful
God saying "shhhhh"
As the world is tucked in
To bed.

I went to a lecture this evening
Expecting to learn more of prose and writing
I heard stories
Through their own writing
Poetry, fiction and prose
I came out jotting down my own words
How nice it would be to have someone to talk to
To acquiesce in my talent and support with a few soft words
Where is he
That soul that should be
Beside me

Friday, March 17, 2006

Top of the day to all and Happy St. Patty's day. This seems to be a popular mode of sharing thoughts, feelings, etc. More like an online diary. Much different then back in the day when my best friend and I would mail our diaries to each other to put in our thoughts etc. Ahhh, the age of technology.
I'm looking forward to having a new title of 'grandmother' added to my list. Quite an honor. Though my daughter nicknamed the poor girl "Bob" I myself have dubbed her "Female' Abcde" the 'e' is long. I think I like "Bob" better. My favorite father-in-law was named Bob. It's with his memory I think of when she calls her that. I wish I could be with her to go through the growing pains with her; though I'm glad on one hand I'm not as she can blast a lot of anger when not in the best mood. Pregnancy? Hormones rage. I am looking forward to being there when the beloved little one arrives so I can coo and cuddle with the best of them. A summer baby. I feel for Boo going through the hardship she's had during the pregnancy; mine didn't happen until afterwards. I pray everything goes well and want more then anything their eternal happiness. That latter is up to them.