Saturday, March 27, 2010

March - Spring Forward

Well March is almost gone but not forgotten. Spring breakers decended with a wallop, the sun is out more, the snow is melting (yeah!), the elk are back from where ever they migrated; and several people have asked me where do they go? I don't know, and why ask me and not a ranger?

There's been a lot of site inspections this month, the one I'm happiest about is with a company I worked well with last year. The relationship between my boss and them was shady at best and I'm glad she decided at the last minute to go with me. It worked, the relationship is in the repair area bringing in more business to both sales and FIT.

Last weekend Gayle called and asked if I wanted to drive with her to Pine, Strawberry and Payson, Arizona. Three small towns outside of Flagstaff. It was a nice drive, and nicely warmer. The first small town called Pine is very cute. Stopped at an Herbal shop, bought a few things and met with the owner. I was pleased to discover a concoction for allergies and have been using it all week with very good results. Went to a thrift store; I ended up getting a bunch of paperback books and a few other things and we wandered to the Tonto Natural Bridge which is in between Pine and Strawberry. Great little state park which is unfortunately slated to be closed this year due to lack of funding.

This is a view from the top. We did not hike down as she did not have the correct gear or shoes to go down (and I saw steps that reminded me an awful lot of the South Kaibab trail - my knees ached as I looked)

It was early afternoon so the sun was hitting the waterfall at just the right angle to create the rainbow.

Ended up hitting a few more thrift stores; even joked with another woman and her mother that was doing the same rounds. Spent more then expected, but came home with a lot of finds. I was thanking my stars I did not have an apartment as there was some great antiques that I'm sure I would've purchased but don't need.