Thursday, June 28, 2007


Yes, really.

Defined as to bring together again; to compose or form anew. To re ally one with a fact, an idea, a notion, a belief, a statement.

This word used as a form of interjection has been floating around quite a bit this week. Popping up or should I say out of mouths as myself and others come into contact with bits and pieces of information. Nothing distinctive stands out in my mind to give a 'for instance' it's all floating there as if it is it's own.

It stands on it's own when the word comes out as an statement as another has just given us their information. It's like standing on the edge, 'do I believe that?' 'could that person be telling me the truth?' 'could that actually happen?'

Yes, really.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A little inspiration

I checked out a coffee table book by Annie Leibovitz. It was not only exquisite (as I admire tremendously her visions), it was provoking. I espcially loved the placement in the book of Thomas Moore with his group right before the grouping of President Bush. The placement in the book is a statement itself. And ALL of her photos tell a story in every line, composition, and shadow. So I took out the camera and took pictures of my sister and had her take a few of me.

It's a learning process.

Sifting through sand

A friend and I went to a speck of a town in South Carolina. Not much redemption, at least townwise. That is what I mean by sifting through sand. We went to check it out for her; I in my optimistic viewpoint knew there is always something redeming about a small town. As I said before, there wasn't much. Though we didn't take the time to explore the waterways; it looks like a fantastic kayaking place there was a couple of funny moments at my own expense.

We would be sitting at the great little fish store G's friends have, watching the locals and what not. One came in to sit and talk with us. His southern accent was so thick I barely understood him, I would look at him and say "Sorry?" so often he slowed down in talking and looked at me like I was stupid. I could only laugh about it as I realized I didn't understand their slang and twang. When asked what his priorities in life were; he enunciated quite well, "fishing, God, fishing, family, fishing, work, fishing." Who could ask anything more?

That afternoon after a well deserved nap we went to a nearby town called Camden. Exquisite little town. I was playing with my new camera and didn't get as many shots as I wanted, but it was nice. I think I almost became an enemy of the state when our hotel desk clerk had told me proudly how they took part in the Reveloutionary war and have homes from the 1700's. I looked at her strangely and said; "Is that all?" she looked shocked until I answered, "Where I come from we have homes from the 14 and 1500's. These must be pretty modern." Not surprising, she wasn't interested in where I came from. She kinda sniffed at G when she told her.

But here's Camden, a little twisted but cute. Oh and the house is a REPLICA of a 1700's very rich mans house.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


I remember a beautiful little elvish girl constantly asking her mother the same question; "Why?" After given answer after answer after answer the question remained, only to be finalized by a stern "Because!". It didn't suffice then, and it doesn't now when we are the ones left behind echoing the words of a little girl, "Why?"

Happy Birthday Kierra, have a dance with Mada for me.

Love Auntie Nancy

Thursday, June 07, 2007


To everyone:


The world and the appreciation to see, feel, hear the beauty and love within and all around.

Faith in yourself and your own unique perspectives and the abilities to live with and by them. (Not just survive, but live)

Acceptance of anyone for their beliefs without judgement.


Faith in yourselves to step outside the boundries and be free.

Forgiveness. In self and others.

The rest is just dust collectors! Ok Terry M your turn.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


"I'm at a place called Vertigo, it's something that I wish I didn't know, but you give me something I can feel" from the song Vertigo by U2.

I resound with those words as the life is spinning in it's own inner ear infection. haha. Beware my humor is becoming dark as we've learned from the continuation of experiences meaning death and more death, it's how we handle it. Sorry there just isn't any more tears, though a few will seep now and again; I'll let them. Now irony keeps laughing with it's stupid innuendos like the time my ex and I lost 8 people in 1 year. I once told my other ex "Aren't you glad you're no longer related?" he didn't think that was funny. I did, because at that time I wished I wasn't the one related.

A dear dear friend has let me know he has 90 days or less to his time with us on this plane. Like Mada (who helped plan her funeral), he goes on the same planning for the outcome absorbing the love from us who love him dearly and will continue to do so as a light in and around us. I thought this wasn't supposed to happen till I turned 90!!! Damn it MJ, Terri and Dori, we'd better all go together in our sleep in the same French or Italian Villa we retire to AFTER we've all hit the century mark. For some reason we are a core; I know you're part of mine. After all you're the first I call, no matter what.

So the fire is now lit under my ass. Know anyone who needs furniture?

Saturday, June 02, 2007


I drove into St. Pete last night to pick up a friends daughter for her to spend the next week with us and also into a tropical storm. Barry.

Today I sat and listened to the deep baritone roll of the thunder. It made me think of drums which thunder always does. The sound is deeper here on the west coast of Florida then it is on the east. It catches me by surprise now to hear it here; as I've grown used to it from the St. Aug side. There it has more of a metal ping to it; a different nuance. Is it because it comes from the open seas? When a storm enters the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico does the land mass around it create a different sound vibration?

All things considered it's still the music of nature.