Thursday, January 03, 2008


Tonight I finished my last shift at the front desk. I was rewarded with a nice quiet night, and a great team of co workers, who have become friends.

I was remembering some of the most memorable guests that have come through in my short time and thought I'd write about them since I don't want their moments to get lost. Though it was a quick passing, they touched my heart. Earlier in the late summer (I started at the end of Aug, so this was Sept), two women did days of hiking all through the canyon, going from one park to another via hiking. Ending and celebrating their journey with my lodge, I thanked them for the inspiration they gave.

A sweet young couple checking in later then the majority remembered Ben and myself and after conversing like we were old friends left us green tea for health. I thanked them for their gift of friendship.

Three monks from Scotland, one went to Plateau Point and back, he waited patiently while the other two hiked down to the river and back. (PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AS IT IS VERY DANGEROUS). They made it safely, but as much as I wanted to sit and talk with the one waiting, David generously spoke with him and noted our curiosity. He looked so tired and worn out I gave him a package of gookinaid and sunflower seeds to sustain him until his friends returned. When they made it and sat down exhaustedly I have them the rest of my gookinaid and sunflower seeds to help them get to where they were going. I thanked them for their blessing.

A very sweet elderly gentleman who charmingly flirted and commented about my red hair, kissed my hand when he found what Scottish 'clan' I had been born into and smiled saying 'back in the day we were enemies.' After talking with him the next day before he and his family checked out he sweetly told me I was 'unforgettable'. I thanked him for his charm.

Last Saturday a very nice gentleman I had checked in several nights before jokingly approached me, quipping about me remembering his name. I knew him instantly. When I asked how his stay was he replied it was great but a bit sad. I asked him why, and he shared with me how his wife loved the Grand Canyon the most out of all the parks. She had died several months ago, but left an instruction manual for him to follow. One was hiking the Bright Angel trail, which they loved to do together. Tears welled in my eyes, and I thanked him for sharing his gift of love and dedication.

Though there were more people gathered into the little scenarios I've described, these are the one's I can recollect with details. Though the times were very brief, it reminds me of life and the journeys we recollect with details. May your memories be touched with kindness in remembering the passing minutes of a day; you never know how you touch a total stranger with your story; they too may dedicate a word or action to something that touched a cord inside to inspire them.

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