Saturday, August 27, 2011


Smoking that is. Day 5 and I have gone cold turkey (gobble gobble) - I have earned superhuman abilities - I make Spider Man look like a wuss in climbing walls. HAHA. Actually I'm okay; it sneaks upon me when I least expect it and it takes my breath away. Literally. Almost like heartbreak. "It" being a craving, fix, need, wish or whatever label fits at the moment.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


In loving memory; Mada Lynn Caudle 4/16/88-8/23/03

On gossamer wings
My heart breaks a thousand times
As she flies away.

Some days, it feels like yesterday....


These were taken last night at Mohave Point. In the last picture there is a red light on the lower right side, that is currently the fire burning at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. **Two weeks ago someone was hit by lightening at the spot we were at and killed**** If you or someone you know is going to go out in harsh weather; be PREPARED and DO NOT take unncessary risks. We were at a "safe" distance as this cell was over the North Rim of the Grand Canyon; we also stayed aware of how the winds were moving and constantly vigilant of the environment around us.

Summer Flower

Hoooot Ausgust Nights and ......

Oh that's right it's only JUNE! Though the Neil Diamond song keeps going through my mind as it certainly feels like August, in the 90's. Whew! Whether it's a dry heat or a moist heat - its HOT!

Enjoy your summer