Sunday, February 03, 2008

Happy February

A few days in. Yesterday Mike, Glen and I went to Flagstaff to do some much needed grocery shopping. It was flurrying when we left the canyon. I was a bit sad as I realized I really miss living in a town. The small things we take for granted; running to the store to pick up one item, going to the movies, being able to go to the post office and send off packages after hours. It was when we were having lunch at Cracker Barrell I really missed MJ and Terry. I wanted to call them, meet them and go see a movie; or just be in their presence. We stopped in Williams on our way back - the grocery store has good prices on meat and some other items, and it started flurrying on our way back to the canyon. It's an hour and a half to Flagstaff, so when one goes the value of one's time is important; it becomes a full 8-10 hour day to get in the shopping one wants or needs, and it's easy to be exhausted when you get home. I would like to get to know the town more intimately, as it's a cute little town. Reminds me a lot of St. Augustine but Western style. I love the Canyon, it's presence is a sanctuary, but there is so much more here I'm itching to discover. This made me think of Florida and some of the great places we've all seen, and those not seen I still see the painting in my mind as MJ, Terry and I kayaked in Guano State Park. Flashes of images, mostly of friends kept going through my mind yesterday as I pictured them here. Terry of course would be cold and certainly wouldn't like the snow for too long, but MJ would love it. I would love to see this part of my world through their eyes.
I didn't take my camera with me; it was nice to just notice a few things and be part of it; the way snow clouds covered part of a mountain leaving the top exposed, the crevices or even smoothness of rocks. No matter where I go there is beauty. Recognized or not, it is there. Quiet in the soft voice of spirit, it is when we notice it becomes part of us.
Once at home it felt good to re-organize our little kitchen more, washing the new dishes, and silverware, setting up the garbage can and getting rid of the cardboard box we used for trash. It's been frustrating at times but it's a slow process of appreciation. Living in this little village has been a step back in time with the VERY limited services (see comments above), and no street address' only a P O Box number to retrieve one's mail. I miss having a car, if nothing else but to get out on a weekend when I'm off but I do enjoy getting out and walking if not for just leisure but necessity; to the cafe for breakfast or lunch, home or by the rim. I love seeing animal tracks in the snow, the colors in the sky, the smell of pine from the forest and hearing the breeze talk through the trees (even if it is freezing). I look forward to spring and wonder at the flowers that will bloom and look forward to discovering how they color the landscape. It's very nice being able to share these wonders with Mike as we both see, feel and sense life and it's continuing discoveries. Talking, hiking or just being we are learning about each other and our worlds and what has made us into what we are at this moment.
Slowly I'm learning to balance work, play and art. It's an evolutionary process much like nature, slow enough to be barely noticable but when it is noticed a new evolution process has already begun. The world is our oyster and we are it's pearl; made of it to be of it. Let beauty comfort you when you find it has captured your attention; even for just a moment.

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