Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's the middle of the camel's back day...

Monday I had off, Mike didn't. So while he was earning the pay to keep us the way we've become accustomed (we're working on earning the way we'd LIKE to be accustomed), I enjoyed the laziness of the day. It involved a little grocery shopping, having tea with a co-worker, putting groceries away, meeting Mike for lunch, taking a nap, drawing a picture and making dinner.

David, a former co-worker (I don't work with anymore) asked me to draw a picture for him. I think it turned out well. Here it is:

Pen and ink rendering on watercolor paper. He had a photograph I worked with. Hmm I think I'm getting better at rocks, but then again I'm saturated in them here. Looking forward to a large challenge; getting a 16 X 20 sketch book and do some of the Grand Canyon itself. I've got lots of pictures to go by, so it's a start. Who knows, maybe next year I'll graduate to colors...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

bisphenol A

Two very interesting articles. The second one was featured on Bill Moyer's last night. It captured my attention when they talked about how they investigated the piece, then the conclusions from a very attentive investigation. It was lengthy, but very very informative. The major concern of the byproduct is the cancer; however I thought it pointed directly to several other MAJOR concerns that plague us tremendously. Diabetes, obesity, and hyper activeness. These concern me more as they are constantly being utilized for advertising, different drugs, and a large first step in the nations health problems.

Heading off this issue could make a huge difference in the continually growing costs of medicine in many various forms. Not to mention the side effects those conciously and unconciously affect.

One other thing concerned me was when the Safe Drinking Water Act was signed by Bill Clinton in 1996 the EPA was required to test chemicals. The article featured on Bill Moyer exposed they have not started their testing until 2007. So what did 80 million dollars pay for?

Friday, May 23, 2008


Though it's been a good week, the brain isn't boiling over half as much and I can see my progress at work. After almost 60 check in's over 2 days (the rest of the week is catching up the paperwork!), I'm glad it's Friday. Memorial day, the doorway to summer (???). It's in the 40's outside, spitting and drooling hail. Funny back East the hail is a sure indicator of a tornado near, but not here, no, we have lightening and thunder during a snowstorm; the wind whips in circles going around and through every crevice and corner (when it's up). Luckily it's not.

Mike made a wonderful steak dinner, better then I used to make on my indoor grill; he uses the broiler. Music is playing on the computer , the beer is cold and all is quiet in our little village, at least here. I'm sure the front desks are having a doozy of a time as there are no room at the inns; glad I'm not there. Right this minute is peace.

May everyone find their moments of peace and hear their soul breath "ahhhh".

After the facts...

Hind sight is 20/20 as Rove is brought before a committee regarding the prosecution of Dan Siegleman and the ousting of 9 US attorney's in 2006. So does this mean in 2010 we'll finally investigate the trillions of dollars being miss spent by the contractors in Iraq? Not to mention the vast waste of taxpayers monies by our government today. While we're on the year 2006, lets investigate a little bit further into Hurrican Katrina. Not just Mr. Brown, but the lack of preparedness when it was known to be headed into Louisiana. Why wasn't emergency efforts put on alert and ready to go in as it hit? How much was it down played beforehand at the highest level?

Unfortunately we cannot turn back the hands on the clock to 'do over'. What we can do is look a lot closer at what is going on now, question the reasoning and/or justifications and decide is it really worth it?

Monday, May 19, 2008


Memories of Mada have been fluttering in and out of my mind over the past several days; touching me now and again with the profound loss, in moments. Is the squeeze a hug on my heart by her?

Today on my break I saw a huge yellow and black Western Tiger Swallowtail and a thought entered my mind as quickly as it was fluttering by. "That is what she would choose" the words echoed with laughter, hers, because she loved yellow, and butterflies. As my heart squeezed in her hug, I smiled.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


What a dream. As I look at the news report of China, and Myammar my heart goes out to the many people struggling with the trauma of surviving or worse, surviving alone. A friend told me about her sister's ordeal when Katrina hit Lousiana. We the public didn't see half the problems of course; remember the large number of survivors standing on the bridge? The news crew had them move to a different section so they wouldn't get the pile of bodies in the picture. Sad.

With what is actually shown in the news, it makes me wonder how worse it actually is. There are many kind hearted people wanting to help, but the bureaucracy causes hesitance when it is known those in need will only see a smithering of what is actually sent.

It is an idealistic thought that the military with all it's strategic ways could learn to use their knowledge to help; not just in the cleaning up but the people aspect rather then forcing a way of life onto another. Yes I know it goes both ways; there is no easy answer but the first step is putting down the gun and use both hands to reach out, teach and learn.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another lesson

A friend once told me that when we pray for patience, we are literally asking for the lesson. Boy did that ring a bell within.

Yesterday morning I came accross another quotation that struck yet another cord:

We've all heard that we have to learn from our mistakes, but I think it's more important to learn from successes. If you learn only from your mistakes, you are inclined to learn only errors."
Norman Vincent Peale

Time and time again I have taken those mistakes to heart to learn from them, only to achieve the same, usually in a different or more heartbreaking way. There have been times I have taken the success and learned from it as well, though it's not easy to do. This is becoming another step in the process of growing.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Put the FREAKING snowglobe down!!

Said in the best 'go to your room voice'. Didn't help. We woke up to more of the white stuff, hard to believe after taking a short hike on Saturday and getting some sun. I bet Susan is glad she's not here! Boy do I feel for the kids in the cabins.

Mantra; 'wait for the weekend when it's supposed to be near 80'

Sunday, May 11, 2008


It's the scientific study of butterflies and moths; well not quite, I'm only at the amateur stage; identifying. Taking pictures helps to answer that first field question: What kind is that? It's a childlike wonder as I watch a butterfly fluttering or be very quiet as I sneak up to watch it. Some have seen the yellow butterfly pictured in Oak Canyon, and few have seen the white butterfly pictured here in the Grand Canyon at Shoshone Point.

Here's what I learned:

This is a Western Tiger Swallowtail. Not much else, but the name, and that right now is all I wanted to know. This one was taken at Oak Creek Canyon, we stopped there on our way home from Phoenix

This is a Pontia sisymbrii; aka, Spring White. Pretty is what I call it.

Now to identify the catepillar and different looking bee I saw....

Friday, May 09, 2008


I was talking with Brenda yesterday; she told me about several vortex's in the area where they either absorb energies or give energies.

I've heard they're good places to give your problems to, I've done it myself. What energies we give produces consequences, even if we give them to Earth. Earth is a living breathing ancient entity as we are, it communicates differently, is that why we dismiss it? That's for another time. But the energies have to go full circle, when releasing them it's absorbed and produces another type of reaction.

Seasons and cycles are for renewing, re-energizing, rebirth. There are many types of seasons despite the immediate ones presented weather type, the ice ages themselves are a season of their own. As we do, aging, going through experiences, etc.

A sudden thought occured as we were in the middle of that conversation; what if we - one or more - gave positive affirmations of peace and harmony? What kind of outcome could that create?

Yeah, I'm sounding more and more like a 'hippy', but I've learned to follow my instincts as we are all connected. We are made from the dust of Earth, stars, the universe, and will go back to being dust of the Earth. 'From dust to dust' has distinct meaning, in between the dust particles I will create the beauty I can.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A taste...

Mike and I took a Sunday drive. On the way to Cameron we stopped at Shoshone Point. It's where they hold weddings here in the canyon. After parking we walked up a road, pretty rocky, a mile there and a mile back. It was a nice walk through the forest, peace filled and quiet. Getting up to the point we saw pretty little flowers, and took pictures. After that we stopped at one of the roadside stands; there's quite a few with native jewelry, and hiked another half mile out to a point taking more pictures of more flowers. Cameron is on the way to the painted desert; it's beautiful yet so very desolate. It's an oasis with trees (we watched a humming bird working a honeysuckle vine), a good restaurant, a huge store with lots of exquisite artwork, and not as good but pretty stuff. There's even antiquities from the late 1800's there; and yes they are for sale. The building is made of the rocks from the landscape, fossils, of course, are everywhere, the mortar is made with the pink sand of the desert. Beautiful.

I've never had much interest in the desert, when they showed the nature movies in school I would often wonder why people sought it out. Still do sometimes, especially when driving by old trailers and such. However passing several hogans (native homes build in a traditional way), brought the connection of the land and people home. Modernized with wood rather then, stone, dirt and branches, it gave it's story of respect to a way of life almost wiped out by territorialist that started way back in the 1600's. The air is different, cooler for the most part, dryer and more arid. The rocks, plants, animals evolved to suit the environment creating distinctive coloring, shapes and energies.

Looking out the window watching the changes in the landscape I thought to myself of all the places I've planted, I go into the desert to bloom.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Looking back

Looking back in my blog I remember with clarity how the humidity felt as I sat on my balcony listening to the cicadas, swating mosquitos, eating dinner and drinking wine. It was around this time I had accepted the offer to live, work, play and breathe in the Grand Canyon. I remember the scary excitement of myself being drawn into a new and different environment and sensed the magical opportunity it would behold; daring to keep my imagination at bay so as I wouldn't set up expectations.

I look back at all the wonder, the audacity of it, and wrap myself in the giggle of finding adventure. In that adventure I find more truth as I look inside at the changes wrought from stepping away in faith and finding so much more then I ever expected about myself and the interactions with others. I've realized the differences I've experienced have changed me that my attitude and actions have reflected over time affected my unique environment. Opening up to let someone share life with adds more to the terrain of changes in my landscape creating more.

Synopsis of the week

The first full week in human resources is done. It's a great team of people, full of fun, laughter and support as we help each other to get things done. It's a great way to meet new people, I love seeing the various faces that come in and remember how excited I was to get here. It's also nice to see the faces of those I work with, whom I've known and continue with a friendship. Sharing with Mike the antics of my co-workers and some of the funny stuff said is a nice change from eating elephants. Every Friday is a theme day, this week was stuffed animal day. I was loaned one, because my moose is in storage, but we all shuffled outside to get a picture. Housing was in on it too. It turned out really good, everyone was smiling, and no eyes were closed.

Working in HR also gives me a chance to learn about different cultures. We have a Tai girl in the office until the end of next month. I've learned their names have different meanings, hers means 'Golden Flower'. She explained to me how as little children they have to learn the many languages of their own language and some of the words are Sanscrit which she said is very difficult. It's also very ancient.

It is nice to be in an outgoing, supportive fun atmosphere. Sure it's a step down, and I lose some perks, but one needs to be happy in their job. I've also found we tend to spend what we earn, no matter how much we make, it is the value in the choices. I am blessed to have someone to share this with who supports me with understanding and love.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy May

Mayday, the doorway to summer. More flowers shoot through the earth, as does grass and other beautious things. The trees look a bit greener as though they grew leaves over night as we anticipate the new season with a sanguine disposition creating an unconstrained atmosphere.

Though we still go to our day with the daily routines; work, errands, cleaning, etc. Taking a moment to lift our faces to the subtle breeze, soak in the warmth of the sun, or admire the spectrum of colors in a flower giving tribute to Earth and the wonders given as gifts. Take that special kiss from a loved one, feel it trickle into a special pocket in the heart; where it blooms.

Enjoy this first day of May, when your breath is caught by the beauty of a moment; feel the connection with all.