Sunday, September 06, 2009

My backyard

I decided to go down the Bright Angel Trail for just a little bit. So I put together my hiking things; water, apples, snacks, then threw in my sketchbook and pencils. I thought what the heck it certainly is a different world below the rim might as well get a practice piece in.

I ate breakfast at Maswik then moved on.

Just past the first tunnel I came to a bend that was shady, cool and had some rocks to sit on. In the center of the bend is a tall skeleton of a Douglas Fir. I was surprised the trail wasn't that busy but then the park has slowed down just a bit as school has started; so I took out my sketchbook and a 6B pencil and started.

I was more then surprised at the number of hikers who did stop to look and was quite surprised to get "nice sketch", "beautiful", and a father/daughter smiled and said "we'll check on the progress on the way back". I had to giggle. Well needless to say they did and they were very sweet, the daughter asked to take a picture of the sketch and me, and I consented, as did another lady later. At least this time they asked. What surprised me more was the reaction to just a rough sketch, a really rough one at that. So here it is:

A smaller part of the bigger whole (or hole) literally and figuratively.

On the way back I found another spot - once again around the first tunnel I will go down to tomorrow morning and sketch.

Back door friends

Yesterday I noticed a sap sucker (bad name for a very pretty bird) outside so I ducked inside to get my camera. I didn't realize until I had stepped mid way onto the porch there was a doe about 20 feet away; she looked at me sorta startled and I said "well hello".

Then she started walking towards me; which startled me so I took a step backwards and she stopped.

She looked at me for a minute; then noticed the sound of my neighbor talking on the phone.

She stopped to think for a moment before moving on:

Meanwhile the sap sucker had moved a little bit so I went to find him or her, and found it I did:

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Happy September everyone! Hard to believe it's here. 'No matter how much things change, no matter how much they remain the same' goes through my mind as we all know change is contstant, yet eventually we come to full cirle. Or do we?

On the 11th (how auspicious is that?!) I will be in this position a year. It's been a great learning experience and I'm glad I'm still there. It changes like tides with 'seasons' and September is our hardest part of the 'season'. After checking 14 books this morning I see why.