Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy November

It's not quite the new month here but when this gets posted it will be. I went to say hello to Susan at work and a co-worker asked me "What are you doing in your civies?" Knowing he understands my way of thinking I replied "Going out to draw magnificence." He smiled and corrected me when I said "well attempt anyways." He replied, "you had it right the first time."

I didn't 'draw' per se, but absorbed. It was found in a bee flitting through the needles dipped in sunshine on a pinon pine. Elegance in simplicity.

I turned in an internal application for an administrative assistant with a different department. Being within my 90 days it has to be approved by my super. He didn't reject it, however he did let me know he needed to talk to the rooms director and assistant rooms director. Not the norm but I consider it a compliment. He asked me why, when I told him the main perk was single housing status, he looked a bit deflated and said he understood too well. I also got my drawing pens. That was exciting. I also met a new employee at Susan's desk that is a professional photographer. We started talking 'shop', as she has a camera similar to what I have, while others stood by looking perplexed. I shared with her some of the things I've learned by playing, she offered use of her multiple lenses; and invited me to join with her and several people that are starting up a camera club. Now that would be nice.

'The man who flushed the toilet next door' nodded to me as I had supper with Susan and her boss. (And yes I used the word 'flushed' rather then 'flushes' on purpose.) We then went to her house and handed out candy to the kids, I really enjoyed that. It was therapeutic hearing the giggles, seeing the costumes, seeing the smiles. What was really surprising is the 2 bedroom apartment her boss has is so similar to my old apartment. Sans the wood floor, granite counter tops and fabulous equipment it was built similar. A loft bedroom, with a washer and dryer with 2 full bathrooms. They even had a cool patio outside the downstairs bedroom. I was just a little 'homesick', but only for a moment.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tomorrow is another day

But unlike any ordinary day it's another day off. Actually my 'Saturday' which I have labeled my off time as my vacation time. Some of it will be spent taking care of business, which I will joyfully do my best to complete in time to have some one on one time with my spiritual self and earth. This week I have met more people from Florida, it's been too funny. A couple of people from St. Pete, too. There is even a lady working here who's last name is Graves, now isn't that something?! It's her married name, but still freaky. We plan on starting some hiking since it's not safe to hike alone. Susan's not a hiker, and well, 'the man who flushes the toilet next door' is nothing more then an acquaintance... Either way she'll probably pack the fundamentals like Gookinade (a discovery that is AMAZING), salty snacks, and stuff like that while my pack is filled with art supplies. Go figure.

There have been 'prescribed fires' burning on the North rim; creating veils of illusions into the canyon. I love to see all the differences, sometimes the peaks resemble eagle heads looking at me, other times the illusion is nothing more then the reality it is. I took some really cool 'artsy' photos at the Kolb Studio the day before yesterday. Yes I will eventually put them on the blog, or at least one or two. The watercolor pencils are here, still waiting on the rapidographs (art pens), but it's a beginning. I'm even happy with the rough sketches and right now that's all that matters.

Friday, October 26, 2007

New Discoveries

I was talking with a co-worker at the cafe this morning. After he told me of his and his girlfriends adventure to Monument Valley, he asked what I did on my time off. I told him I went to sketch in my new sketchbook. It felt so good. I also told him how ticked I was when a tourist took my picture without asking for my permission. I had felt someone watching me, when I looked up I was staring at a camera. He had asked "do you mind?" as he clicked, and I just looked at him and stated "I guess not." then packed my stuff and moved on. Well my co worker also works for an association that supports the arts, and suggested I take in a local studio here in the canyon. So I did. And discovered food for my soul. So this week I'll take my camera in and do some pictures, and on my days off still practice the 'plein air' drawing that I look at now and see they're not half bad. Even for rough sketches.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A sense of time

In reading my past entries I was awakened to the knowing of not posting much since I've been here. The crickets do sing, as the ravens talk. The scent of pine perfumes the air giving a sense of comfort to the day even if it doesn't require a comforting presence. I still miss the lightening bugs.
Today I went to Flagstaff and got to drive 180 back, it was exquisite. The aspen grow in clumps their white bark resembling the birch offering a backdrop of a maze. It reminded me of a painting I once saw where there was a pack of wolves in the shadows on the bark and in the trees as a native rode a horse in the quiet winter night. I felt the shadows whispering, unfortunately I was not alone so I couldn't 'listen' as closely as I wanted, it was a knowing all in it's own accord driving through the land. In the passage I drove through a prairie valley which reminded me of Indiana; barn and all, to bring it all into full circle focus.
Through it all there has been a meeting of many peoples as new folks come in. It's nice meeting those with similar ideas, theories, and most of all very interesting stories as to what brought them here. New friends, without the 'welcome wagon' logo.

Friday, October 19, 2007


I just found an m&m sitting by the computer, a sweet comforting present. A comfort like my friends MJ, Geneva (and chocolate) talking me through a half of a heart break. It's only half because I didn't give my whole heart away - or should I say I retrieved it back on his step several weeks ago (a symbolic story). This morning the guy I've been seeing decided he just wanted to be friends after a suspicious moment reported to me from an outside source. So was he? Probably, which means I'm a whole lot better off. In my head I'm reminding myself of our differences which were rather wide and remember the questions as to 'why'. Knowing he was an important part in opening my door, helps. At least I keep telling myself I know something so much more deeper, and richer (and no I don't necessarily mean monitary wise), is on it's way. This is a time I miss being in the presence of my friends. I know they're with me but it's not the same as the good ole 'girlfriend time.'

On the reality day to day stuff: Susan has gotten assistant manager and is doing a bang up job. I'm proud of her for taking that step. She's been the mother hen, and actually done more cooking then me. Wow what a switch. Me I'm in a supervisor position at the front desk, which is going pretty good so far. I'm down another size and have claimed 2 pairs of jeans Susan doesn't wear; I have to admit my ass looks pretty damned good. The adjustment of being in a larger place is okay, it's nice having more space, a kitchen and a larger bathroom. It just happens to be next door to the guy I no longer see (haha), and it's noisy sometimes. I seem to go through this funk missing my old apartment at each place we live in, but this too shall pass; we'll make it home, decorate it good, and make good memories here. The weather is so beautiful, nice during the day, cold at night and the canyon is still magnificent. I find comfort with its presence, its ever changing moods; yet always constant in beauty and its sense of self. A lesson I'm abosorbing from the magnificence gifted to me in my placement here. For that and much more I am grateful.