Friday, February 27, 2009

Mike's words

Brought to him in a dream:

It's not where you
start from today
But rather where you
Finish tomorrow.

Don't think I could've said it better.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

As the world turns..'s

As most of you know I no longer have a cell phone; those who want my home number read your emails; it there for YOU to stay in touch should YOU want to.

It's scary reading about all the problems in the 'outside' world, yes it's affecting us here; but not as much I think as a lot of people in my old hometowns. Yet I'm just a bit thrilled to see people re-creating themselves into thriving, caring humans. It's a bit like people waking up after a numbness of watching television for waaayyyy too long.

I've been feeling restless; wanting to move onward. I know I have to wait a while; and learn more but I look forward to moving FORWARD.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Days gone by...

The past two weekends have moved in a blurr with the weekdays used as 'catch up' in taking in a breath.

It was great to have Dwight and Terry here for too short a time. I had to laugh when she looked at me rather seriously and said "Your crows here are as big as chickens!" Ahhh, the raven's; aka, the seagulls of the west. Hell this used to be an ocean; there's proof on the edge of the rim with the fossilized marine life, so I think the sea gulls just got overly burnt by the sun and became ravens. Ate out, walked a lot, drove a lot. Boy their rental car was so big, I think we could've drove our little car into it and still had room for a driver and a passenger. She offered to let me go where I wanted...tempting but I would've come back with more then what my apartment could hold. So I took her to see the wonder and the extraordinary canyon.

This weekend Mike and I used the gift certificate I won at the managers party to stay at the Radisson in Flag. As they had a sleep number bed we found our number, went to dinner at Red Lobster; which I can't remember the last time that was. MJ do you remember? Anyways it was heaven eating lobster tails. Today we leisurely grocery shopped and we're so relaxed; it was nice for a change as we usually leave early in the morning and get back for a late lunch tired and grumpy. I went to do my laundy but lo and behold the door was bolted and locked with a note "Closed until further notice". Grumbling and adding it to my list, after all like MANY things, laundry facilities are NOT abundant here, I think next week I'll take a mule down to the river and pound out my frustrations on my laundry by the river.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

A marked day for lovers, but also a marked day to reflect on those we love and love us in return. A friend quipped to me February is single awareness month, with Valentine's Day being single awareness day. She had a great idea of having a dinner for all of her single friends, but hiked down to Phantom instead. But it bore a new idea into my brain for next year of having a dinner party where ever I may be with our friends; single or not; to show how singly aware we are of our love for each other. Granted there will be friends that won't be present in physicality, but in spirit I accept that and honor it. Time to get dressed as the coffee is almost done and treat my sweetie to breakfast at El Tovar

Friday, February 13, 2009

Karma and Big Tobacco

Headline: Jury; Florida smoker died because of addiction.

So his widow is going to court to get millions of dollars to 'ease her grief' as her husband didn't know or understand the depth of the dangers of cigarette smoking. Bull****. Did they also sign up for one of those famcy dangerous mortgages that had a 25% balloon on the loan that came due? Where is the common sense? If we were in the 50's 60's or even as late as the 70's I'd agree, it's a new millennium folks and a lot of progress was supposedly made throughout the last one

No I'm not 'rooting' for Big Tobacco; however there is a huge waste with the large money in fines they don't seem to know what to do with. Hmmm, let see, maybe set up funds for those with medical bills who can't afford them to help pay them; consider giving away the VERY expensive patches, gums, and addiction breaking medicines that are there instead of offering discounts; how about funding research into curing cancers? Sure all the 'advertising' is helping some in the job market, but not enough.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm baaaacccckkkk

Winter sings in the whiping wind

It's the first time I've seen this much snow on Plateau Point. Beautiful isn't it?

Saturday, February 07, 2009

So much for more bars...

Or was it just an excuse? My cell phone company (which will remain nameless - because any kind of publicity is well publicity) has decided they no longer want me as a customer. I've met people with the same company that chose their number in Flagstaff. Yet I get a letter telling me that since I am 'off network' my choices are to shut off my phone or get another carrier I am being released from my contract. Hmm, 5 years, and I thought I was a pretty good customer. Is it because I moved to the canyon? My notion was to be here a year or two and then who knows. I've been here one year as of August.

Well considering how remote this place is I can understand, but only to a point. In my way of thinking customer service would resemble something like; contact me; let me know they can't hold my Florida phone number for more then whatever time period they would allow. Rather then lose a good customer offer to change the number for me and put a recording for a certain time period that my number had changed. Not only am I not happy, I'm downright steaming. Not boiling yet; they aren't worth it.

So much for more bars anywhere....

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

6 more weeks of winter??

Could've fooled me as we here at the Canyon are in the 50's during the day. I was surprised to see it in the 30's this morning; usually it's in the teens. Being at such a high altitude (7000 feet above sea level) the variation between night and day can be as much as a 40 degree difference.

I still miss the snow, but I suppose (insert heavy sigh) that it's soon time for spring. The mule deer are becoming more frequent in our back 'yard' looking for fresh shoots, we put up a bird feeder and the multitude of little birds don't look all that hungry though you'd wonder they way they fight over the perches. I'll know spring is close when I start to see the Stellar and Scrub Jays; they're so pretty as are the cute little chickadees. There's a lot of beauty here; of course the Grand Canyon is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world so being outside here one breathes deeper. Not only because of the altitude but the spirit one feels here.

I'm glad on one front that winter will soon close; on the human front. It's a time where there's not enough for people to do so they tend to become malicious in talk and action. The Grand Canyon Free Press becomes worse then the New York Times, so soon (hopefully) everyone will be too busy to start a new byline. I will say this for this place; it would make one helluva reality show, that's for sure.