Saturday, September 30, 2006


October approaches. The doorway to the holidays as I like to think of it as. After the sluggishness of summer it feels good to breathe. People become a little bit nicer for the most part, and it turns just a little cooler; even if it is only in the evening. Remember I'm in the South. So here's a reflection of the seasons that began this blog but worthy of repeating:

Indiana sun
Tractors in the fields
Smell the rich loamy dirt
Soon the smell of dust
As the heat beats down
The corn waves As we drive by
Our hands out the windows
Creating rainbows
Ditch flowers growing wild
Ornamental dusty lanes
Lean into summer nights
Lit by fireflies
Stars all around
Wake up to fall
The smell of burnt carrots
Smells just like burning leaves
The frost on pumpkins
Like a sprinkle of sugar
Till the snow falls peaceful
God saying "shhhhh"
As the world is tucked in
To bed.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Is that what artist are supposed to do?

Inspired by Frank Gehry, sculptor in architect. Artist take risks. Architecture as sculpture, instinctual, not educated or traditional; how do we know that instinct isn't even more ancient in tradition the what is known? What am I doing here? What have I always known that even now seems to elude but shimmer before me as an unknown shadow? Find that small space where you can make a difference. The reason for art is that moment when it touches a soul. Saturation into inspiration. Chain link has become the chain mail for a building useful in it's interpretation along with its protective nature. Nurture. Why do I cry? It's the same as standing before that one piece, the one that touched my soul...Nagging. What is the first move? There you are with that canvas on your easel, and colors on your palette, where do you go from there? Anithitical? Juxtaposition? Where'd that come from? Is that the purpose of the artist? To change the world?

Rembrant's Sky

I walk beneath a Rembrant's sky
The wind and I
Nary a sound as we both fly
Lost in the hues of his painted sky
Heaven sighed
In glorious delight
To be caught in a moments flight
Sometimes described as a reflection of light
A memory captured for generations sights

Sunday, September 24, 2006

More Celebrations

I was fortunate to have the pleasure of a fabulous luncheon with several of my favorite friends of a different kind. Zak, Arnaud, Phil, Ettienne, and Arnaud's LaVonne. It was another celebration as we celebrated Arnaud's birthday and Etienne played any and every ploy to have us commit to a visit to Maine. Tempting.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Any time we friends get together we turn it into a celebration just through our energies. People feel the vibrations in the air; they then run away or stick close as it's revitalizing.
All of us got up early to go to the Jax Farmers Market, very few of us are early risers and one never sleeps. Good prices on great produce which was the same as each others. Found a couple of un knowns and asked the girl who was working there what it was she said:
"a vegetable" NO DUH!
Good spot for blueberry bushes and fig trees too. We went to another flea market, didn't find any fleas we wanted then went to lunch at Sticky Fingers before venturing into the new health food store Nature's Sun. Notice we had to do unhealthy before healthy. Smart girl who seated us told us we're trouble and seated us in the back. The service was good and it was nice to have that comradarie to talk, laugh and just be. It was great having Savannah there with us too; (thanks for the ride). Though it was disarming to have both her and her mother so chipper before the sun comes up. They usually complain about me! Jeez!
Ended up taking a 2 hour nap after I came home. Man that felt good. Thank you girls for another great time together. Have a beautiful weekend.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Food for thought

"Our higher power can only talk to us in a language we understand. Therefore most of us can be reached through the language of fear."
Spiritual Fitness pg 2.

"There can be no such thing as failure if you haven't formed a preconceived idea (assumption of how it'll turn out), of what success should look like. Failure is comparative" Same book, page 7-8

Well back to the drawing board.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Funny vignettes

A bar from a song..."you and I collide" metaphorically has become the summary of what this week has been as I have collided with myself in various forms.
The throb and/or ache in my left foot reminds me of feeling. Healing? I hope so. Strange vignettes 'collided' last night, made up of snippets through out the week. From men on the phone at work that sounded like the beaver character from the old Pooh cartoons with the whistling s's, a vase at the front desk at work contained what was obviously snips of shrubbery (Monty Python) and last night I caught on the Comedy Channel the comedian who does Jose Jalepeno on a Steeek, MJ, Terri and I saw him in Boston in 1998. I laughed just as hard as I did then, and I felt my friends beside me as we were then even though I was alone in my apartment.
Man a lot of time has passed between then and now and it seems like yesterday. Marriages, births and deaths have all occured in our close knit group and yesterday our 'mystery weekend' escape consisted of cooking school at the Blue Bamboo. It was GREAT. I wonder if that will become part of the future flow of funny vignettes, who know's maybe Paula's Dean's is next...


This is a mandala. Any of various ritualistic geometric designs symbolic of the universe, used in Hinduism and Buddhism as an aid to meditation.

Can you smell the ocean? Can you feel the breeze? Does the water refresh you as your feet cool in the soft sifting sand?

I took SeaFoam (the latest window) into the gallery and she wasn't quite accepting the view until I told her as I see it I'm part of it, looking down at my feet as a wave washes into the beach. That is the beauty of that piece is it makes the person looking at it a part of it. To see SeaFoam go to August

Friday, September 15, 2006

Men in Trees

MJ just HAD to call me to see if I was watching this new tv show on Friday's. Hmmm I foresee a ticket to Alaska some how, probably one way. haha.
All in all, it's a cute show. Not sure whether it's as good as Northern Exposure but the scenery is great. I can imagine this is only going to help the tourism of Alaska get a whole lot better...yes MJ I hear you...that's just up my ally...tourism.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Das Shoe

Well it's definately broken, splintery like. Went to the ortho doc today. He gave me an ortho shoe (yeah no cast!) and told me to keep it on and raised as often as possible for 3 weeks. He told me it'll probably swell for up to a year, and if he did surgery for up to two. Fore warmed fore armed. Now I can shower again. Soon back in heels!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Winn Dixie

A funny bit of reality happened this morning at the store. I had my cart ready to go, was actually waiting for the manager to get done assisting a young lady to acknowledge my presence to purchase a roll of quarters. Mind you the young lady was very pretty in a natural down to earth manner and was getting 2 large bags of kitty litter. He kept smiling and asking her if she was sure he couldn't assist her.
"Sweet" I thought.
She let out a breath, picked up the bags and said
"no thank you" with a smile.
He then turned to me, smiled and walked away. The nice cashier helped me. And no, no one asked if I needed help out, bandaged foot or not.
I didn't need it, and that's the joy.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Lucky left foot

Ok Terry, you said it. Now I've joined it. Severely hurt my left foot. Will let you know more as I know.

**LEFT FOOT NOTE*** (pun intended)
It's officially broke. Not sure of the name of the bone, MJ knows it, too well. She's shared that, so much so she was the voice in my head. So 2 hours on a Friday night with a full moon to boot, (can we see the foot pandamodium going on here?!), in the local emergency room went surprisingly well. I'm on a splint until I see an ortho doc. Expertise aka the VOICE of experience recommends a walking cast. Get your pens out girls, I plan on drawing a cute spiked high heeled shoe on it.
As for how I did it, I'm using the excuse of kick

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Life imitating art, or is it art imitating life?

Sometimes it seems as though I've been floating outside of reality. I'm sure I know why deep down but I don't know to see it for my own nose. I've been reading a lot, especially to escape reality, or even, (gads!) watching tv. That's something I don't really like. Except when it comes to grey's anatomy. MJ told me it's nice to watch someone else's drama I told her that's what the books and blogs have been for. There have been moments whispered that I have the 'perfect' life. Dare I put it out there? Dare I reveal that I miss having the drama of someone being involved in my life? Is that why I escape into those places to avoid my own? In the metaphor how life imitates art is my infatuation with windows really picking up my own slivered thrown away pieces, or me just gluing myself to a window to watch life because that is what I am; the thrown away slivers of color? If my opportunities are so open why do I not see the many doors open? How come I still feel so damned invisble? I find it easier to question spirituality and the life questions we all seem to face. There are times I feel like a child in the sense of wisdom as to not having any and being around those ancient trees that tell the world the wisdom in their breeze. Do I claim this 'artistic temperment' as a veil to keep from seeing reality? The Florida winter is almost over, it's time to come out from the hibernation. How come I'm fighting so hard to keep from waking up?!

Seattle Sights

About a year ago my brother sent me a ticket to go see him when he lived in Washington state. We took several day trips, one to Seattle, and to Mt. Ranier just to name a few. There some great photos that reminded me of my children especially my son Alex. He would love it out there. He's always loved Jack London's stories and I know he would just love it out there. There were a couple of things that had his name on them, the rest are just, I thought good photos.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Gypsy wind

Like the Bob Segar (sic?) song the gypsy wind blows through my soul. Vignettes of memories, words and places run through my mind as I cross through out the day. Small frustrations of fragments having to be fixed tomorrow due to holiday closing today was in all probability spirits way of telling me to just stop and relax. Let the flow go.
Change is almost tangible in the atmosphere, well it is at least constant. Though there are times I feel the ripples which I don't think amount to anything until it explodes ferociously, sometimes precociously, hinting at the change that is wrought.
Why am I so restless?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Where I'll be

A feeling
Of being
Not really
The hollowness
The emptiness
What is happening?
I don’t care
I’m not there
Off on a breeze
High in the air
Beyond the pain
He doesn’t belong there
Beyond what is
Is where I’ll be
Up in the air

Zak's Ride

*Sometimes when we know someone personally going through what we pray doesn't happen, we give more openly, freely and with love for it to affect their life profoundly. *

I am writing to ask you to sponsor my ride in the 2006 MS150 Bike Tour, to raise funds for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS). This year, the 150 mile bike tour (Sept. 16 and 17) takes us round- trip from St. Augustine Airport to Daytona Beach.
I ride in the MS150 each year to support my sister Valerie and the research of the NMSS. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease which causes my sister's immune system to attack her central nervous system. Valerie was diagnosed with MS two years ago, after months of medical testing and referrals to specialists. She should have been diagnosed with MS ten years ago, but many physicians still misdiagnose MS as fibro myalgia and depression without doing further testing.
In 2004, Valerie frequently lost her balance and fell -- continuing a pattern that started five or six years ago. Her legs sometimes just decided to collapse; her knees then banged into floors, or her head banged into doors, and she often ended up in the emergency room. She now walks with a cane, and can only walk short distances. Many days, the depression alone can be debilitating. Headaches, scrambled speech, and other neurological symptoms are common. Fortunately, fleeting moments of blindness and blurred vision have been rare, so Valerie can still drive and function independently.
In 2005, Valerie had to change medications due to the toll the first medication took on her liver. She usually feels "wiped out" the day after injecting her weekly medication. Valerie is fortunate, however. The medication she takes now has been effective in stopping the progression of MS, even though her condition has not significantly improved.
Most days, Valerie shares her laughter with others and give thanks for all that is good in her life. She volunteers at a women's residential treatment facility. She has an amazing amount of faith. As a result, when she and her children need something that she can no longer afford on her limited disability income, it somehow just manifests. I admire Valerie -- she is my teacher, my hero.
Research into the causes of MS and the best possible treatment continues. The NMSS provides valuable educational materials, wheel chair assistance, support groups, research funding, and other resources to assist people with MS and their families. However, the NMSS relies on OUR donations.
I love Valerie very much. I ride in the MS150 because I know that one day, through faith, funding, research, and action, we fill find a cure for MS. Please sponsor my ride in the 2006 MS150 Bike Tour. Although I had a major crash on 08/19/06, I am recuperating, and still plan to ride in mid-September. (A bee flew down my shirt while I was cycling, and stung me three times. I slammed on brakes, and flew over the handlebars onto the asphalt.)
Donating is easy. You can either: (a) mail me a check made payable to National Multiple Sclerosis Society; (b) donate via the internet by visiting, clicking on E-Pledge, and typing in my name as the participant; or (c) bring donations and something to eat or drink to my annual Sharing Party on September 9 (7:00 PM - until). Please be generous! I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you!

Happy September

Ahh, the month of Fall. The doorway to the holidays slowly creeks open. The colors of the world change (except in the South, here you breathe a little easier), and pretty sparkly things start lining the store shelves. Yes I've seen Christmas come out of hiding already.

This year I'm looking forward to the beauty of the holidays in my adorable apartment. I've already brought out the little glass tea light holders in the shape of a little bag with a carved face on them. Terry gave me a couple of light up pumpkins, and I'm sure somewhere I have autumn leaves tucked away.

Tomorrow I give my first brunch party for 4 dear friends of mine: Zak, Arnaud, Phil, and Emory. I am very blessed to have them in my life and so want to have a perfect party for them. Frankly I'm nervous. I know I don't need to be, but it's there. I've confidence in the main course, salad and dessert, wines and music. I don't normally 'set' a table, haven't in YEARS. Maybe it's time to start. I've always wanted to entertain and now that I have the great apartment and nice furniture (thank you for your help in that MJ), I can start.