Monday, December 31, 2007

Summer with Coats

Sounds like an oxymoron, but lately it has been very crowded (like summer), but very cold (in coats). It was so crowded around Christmas I was getting clausterphobic. Very hectic at work to say the least. Personally hectic too as I moved into my new apartment. Turns out it's only 10 minutes walking time to work, and 5 more minutes to the new job place. Mike is already getting Saturday and Sunday's off so we'll have more time together. It's nice not to have to work all nights anymore, I've only been on nights for 10 weeks, this week I got a break having a couple of morning shifts thrown in. Joe (a co worker) asked me if I was afraid I'd turn to dust in the early morning light - after chuckling I had to concur I was a mite worried, but quickly relieved when I didn't.

I don't mind it when it's busy, except for the stupid questions (Where's the best place to view sunrise/sunset? OUTSIDE). Being in a mico community we are in, I have found that gossip of course continues, thoeugh it doesn't have as much opportunity when we're busy. It's when we get slower it becomes more malicious. I look forward to the changes forthcoming and will endeavor to create my environment that I both work and live as one of beauty and peace. There are those I hope to continue building friendships with and still smile and be a souuce of positive patience to others.

Personally I look forward to having the structured time to work, learning a new field, and enabling myself to concentrate more time and effort to art; taking the day moment by moment to live in the present. There's a lot Mike and I want to do together, and a lot we do. Though his back pack doesn't weigh as much as mine, yet, I will do my best not to fill his with my overflowing art supplies. Pretty serendipitous these changes begin at the start of a new year; once again reminding me to celebrate all changes as they are any time. So may the joy of change be with you in your journey of a new year.

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! We missed you this year, but glad to see your happy, I still envy you and need a 3am talk.