Saturday, September 09, 2006

Winn Dixie

A funny bit of reality happened this morning at the store. I had my cart ready to go, was actually waiting for the manager to get done assisting a young lady to acknowledge my presence to purchase a roll of quarters. Mind you the young lady was very pretty in a natural down to earth manner and was getting 2 large bags of kitty litter. He kept smiling and asking her if she was sure he couldn't assist her.
"Sweet" I thought.
She let out a breath, picked up the bags and said
"no thank you" with a smile.
He then turned to me, smiled and walked away. The nice cashier helped me. And no, no one asked if I needed help out, bandaged foot or not.
I didn't need it, and that's the joy.

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Terry said...

Get this, sorry to hear it is broken. Know your pain!. IM sure I know all 26 bones we have in our feet. I have gotten to be an expert. Which I go back for more shots on monday 9/11. Yes, that date!. I don't feel my shots. He say's IM too strong for my own good. Try everything else before anything else. The cast will work! at least you'll get a walking one. My doctor is old fashion and will NOT let you have one. Anxious to see photo;s of this. Hey! you can ride in the carts like I did when I went to store's etc.
at least you didn't ask but it was nice they did what they did.The first time you take it off, you can't wait to hop in the shower, but, you can get a plastic bag like i did from the doctor or medical supply places we have them here and slip it over the cast and in the shower. I did it. But, still couldn't wait for the full shower.
Love you lots keep us posted and Welcome to the Left foot club.I will let my foot doctor know I started a trend in our family, I told him about MJ now I can tell him about you.