Thursday, September 07, 2006

Life imitating art, or is it art imitating life?

Sometimes it seems as though I've been floating outside of reality. I'm sure I know why deep down but I don't know to see it for my own nose. I've been reading a lot, especially to escape reality, or even, (gads!) watching tv. That's something I don't really like. Except when it comes to grey's anatomy. MJ told me it's nice to watch someone else's drama I told her that's what the books and blogs have been for. There have been moments whispered that I have the 'perfect' life. Dare I put it out there? Dare I reveal that I miss having the drama of someone being involved in my life? Is that why I escape into those places to avoid my own? In the metaphor how life imitates art is my infatuation with windows really picking up my own slivered thrown away pieces, or me just gluing myself to a window to watch life because that is what I am; the thrown away slivers of color? If my opportunities are so open why do I not see the many doors open? How come I still feel so damned invisble? I find it easier to question spirituality and the life questions we all seem to face. There are times I feel like a child in the sense of wisdom as to not having any and being around those ancient trees that tell the world the wisdom in their breeze. Do I claim this 'artistic temperment' as a veil to keep from seeing reality? The Florida winter is almost over, it's time to come out from the hibernation. How come I'm fighting so hard to keep from waking up?!


Pulchritude said...

Alot if times, it is easier for those of us who have had a hearache or two, to just keep punching the snooze button of our clocks. You will though, one day see all the glorious and wonderful things that you have done, and when you do, that veil will be lifted, and life's silver color's will be back. Just don't be afraid to let yourself shine through and jsut remember. You can run, you can hide, you can move away to another city or state, but, life's drama's will always find you. That is what life is, one drama after another. Just some are easier and more enjoyable than others.

Mari-jane said...

We always question our lives compared to how others see it and how we see ourselves, which is rarely the same. We look out of our windows at other lives and think they have it all, have the perfect life, but do they really? Most likely they are looking out thinking the very same thing! it is all a gamble, it is all changing, evolving, morphing into something else right under our noses, yet others see it before we do. When you figure out the mysteries of life.. let me know!!