Saturday, September 30, 2006


October approaches. The doorway to the holidays as I like to think of it as. After the sluggishness of summer it feels good to breathe. People become a little bit nicer for the most part, and it turns just a little cooler; even if it is only in the evening. Remember I'm in the South. So here's a reflection of the seasons that began this blog but worthy of repeating:

Indiana sun
Tractors in the fields
Smell the rich loamy dirt
Soon the smell of dust
As the heat beats down
The corn waves As we drive by
Our hands out the windows
Creating rainbows
Ditch flowers growing wild
Ornamental dusty lanes
Lean into summer nights
Lit by fireflies
Stars all around
Wake up to fall
The smell of burnt carrots
Smells just like burning leaves
The frost on pumpkins
Like a sprinkle of sugar
Till the snow falls peaceful
God saying "shhhhh"
As the world is tucked in
To bed.

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