Friday, September 08, 2006

Lucky left foot

Ok Terry, you said it. Now I've joined it. Severely hurt my left foot. Will let you know more as I know.

**LEFT FOOT NOTE*** (pun intended)
It's officially broke. Not sure of the name of the bone, MJ knows it, too well. She's shared that, so much so she was the voice in my head. So 2 hours on a Friday night with a full moon to boot, (can we see the foot pandamodium going on here?!), in the local emergency room went surprisingly well. I'm on a splint until I see an ortho doc. Expertise aka the VOICE of experience recommends a walking cast. Get your pens out girls, I plan on drawing a cute spiked high heeled shoe on it.
As for how I did it, I'm using the excuse of kick


Terry said...

Welcome To The Club! I got a great foot doctor!. How did you do it? Do you need a boot? Surgical Shoe? Crutches? I got it!. I can deliver it to you! Sorry, you joined. Let me know how things are. Cortizone shots work but depends on how bad you did it. Hope it isn't too serious like mine and MJ's was. For pain, Percocet is wonder's. But, lately it's been cortizone shots in both feet and 800mg's of Motrin.
See, I knew you had to come to the club some how.

Love You

Terry said...

Remember the movie? My left foot. We should all 3 sit and watch it when I come to vist.

Got any other suggestions! I started a circle of Friendship. It's the extended family deal. One who has pain we share in it all. ha!

Mari-jane said...

I know how you did it! nananananana! At last, you listened! Love ya.. MJ

Pulchritude said...

Good going GRACE!!!

Hope it heals fast for ya.