Friday, September 29, 2006

Is that what artist are supposed to do?

Inspired by Frank Gehry, sculptor in architect. Artist take risks. Architecture as sculpture, instinctual, not educated or traditional; how do we know that instinct isn't even more ancient in tradition the what is known? What am I doing here? What have I always known that even now seems to elude but shimmer before me as an unknown shadow? Find that small space where you can make a difference. The reason for art is that moment when it touches a soul. Saturation into inspiration. Chain link has become the chain mail for a building useful in it's interpretation along with its protective nature. Nurture. Why do I cry? It's the same as standing before that one piece, the one that touched my soul...Nagging. What is the first move? There you are with that canvas on your easel, and colors on your palette, where do you go from there? Anithitical? Juxtaposition? Where'd that come from? Is that the purpose of the artist? To change the world?

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Lisa said...

Well Nance, you HAD to know that you would be hearing from ME on this subject!

For me, art has always been a bit of a paradox.

On the one hand, it's purely selfish. To be it's best, the creation of art requires the deepest thought. It becomes a culmination of every lesson the artist has ever learned. To lay down it's complexity for all the world to see, requires a self centeredness and the ability to shut out everything and everyone that stands in the way of it's creation.
It allows the artist perpetual freedom's that the art lover may only get to experience once in a blue moon. Such as daydreaming, inner contemplation, control over one's daily environment and the ability to follow the ebb and flow of creativity itself.
The flip side of art is about giving. The sharing of one's inner self, exposing and uncovering all that you are and all that you dream of becoming and then releasing it into the world with the hope that you'll survive the barrage of inevitable criticisms that come from those whom you know are lesser beings. Not lesser in knowledge but lesser in their humanity. For no human has the right to judge the heart of another and is'nt that what art really is? The artist puts a piece of their heart into each creation, much as our creator did for each of us. Maybe as artists, we are unconciously reaching, trying to make a connection with our creator. We know the overwhelming joy that is felt when we see the pieces of our heart come to life. How can you not want to share that?

For me, art is not about making a difference or finding a space, or touching a soul. It's about selfishly looking for calm in a world that's full of caous, finding the courage to share my inner self, in the hope that it will be enough to sustain me, and finally, it's about the joy that's found in being able to do that which you were destined for. Anything else is just an added bonus!