Saturday, June 03, 2006

The power of a single word

I've been informed by my neice Savannah today this blog needs to be updated. Ok. So here it is. A new entry, a new day. Now I do expect to get an email with hers so we can keep track on her. (hint hint)

I shared a meal with a friend today and we spoke of many things. Changes in paradigm's, spirituality, metephysics, attitudes, strong people we admire, dreams and realities (most certainly those two don't always meet). She commented on how a lot of my art pieces are single names: Water, Americana, Night, Day, etc...(yes eventually pictures of these will appear; maybe even miraculously), but the power in a word can say so much and create so much in one's mind. Food for thought. Oh and the above picture; that's Americana

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Terry said...

glad to see you on the blog again. Love the art!. Your so talented. I know some day when I get my own place you & I got planning to do.

Love you,
(as you got me pooh girl).