Thursday, June 22, 2006


Many times I've personally questioned of the validity of God, as has everyone. All around I see those questions taking shape in many ways; some more profound in the angst of their creation then others. Every day I see new directions we all go in order to find the answer that appeases our mortal soul. No, I've not found 'the answer' though I'll constantly express the need to learn more to understand more. I have learned a valuable lesson on asking for patience or tolerance.

A friend told me recently; " When we pray for patience-we get more testing to learn the lesson. Now, that has been a tough one for me. Now my thoughts and prayers center on accepting (ouch, help) that it is as God would have it be for now." Thank you for your words dear friend. That certainly sheds a whole new light into that old perspective.

What I have come to understand, most profoundly expressed through my dearly departed daughter Mada, is the truth of unconditional love. The purity. In the dramas we create in our lives who could achieve such high focus on this truth but her. In her deep faith the base ingredient for EVERYONE is love. No matter what. How we stand by that is our individual choice.

To Dance in the Light of the Sun

Its rays
the air
like a sponge
Bursting radiance
Through each pore

May we all find our peace in love...unconditionally

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mom, Nana, Mena,Sue, Pick one said...

That was truly beautiful, but from your beautiful heart came those beautiful wonderful children.
I can't blow your horn loud enough little sister, you are the most incredible person...
A little of our mother does live in ALL of us girls..

Love You;