Friday, June 16, 2006


Ones realities
As an image from with in
Is all perception 8-10-05

It is what we choose to let ourselves see or be blinded with. It is with those choices that we affect those we think we love, those we know we love and those we think we hate and those we don't know.

Boiled in drama
In our lives if we so choose
Steeped to a fine tea 8-11-05

I've been placed in a road to decide should I go into someone elses' dramas or tea so to speak to see the light that was created as a destiny. I know if I were to go in alone anything and every move I make would not only be scrutinized but twisted. I know in my heart dna is there. Those wishes we share are there and the ripple of the heavy stone that's been thrown will continue. Has the actual patterns been broken? Or have they just been given a different route with a similarly painful outcome? Only time will tell. I will end this with 2 haiku's I created on the 15th of June 2006.

Histrionic release
Another lesson

or in other words:

Excessive drama
Handing down seeds of doubt
Another lesson

I had to look up words which of course became truth. Unfortunately.
Histrionics means excessivly dramatic while recapitulating means to appear to repeat the evolutionary stages of the species during the embryonic developement of the individual organism. It is within these words choices have been made. I prefer my tea sweet, not bitter.

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