Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ode to the change of seasons

Summer in all it's glory is here as of yesterday with the dawn of Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year. Here's a view of the Greek myth story of the seasons read by the 1st person:

(FORWARD NOTE: Unfortunately I did not create this but found it on the web, as much as I'd love to have the credit I cannot claim it. Thank you)

I smiled at my mother and we walked arm in arm through the field to a small house. There my mother served me dinner and we talked about everything. After dinner she brushed my hair and braided it with such care and tenderness. As we lay in the straw-made bed, she stroked my brow until I fell asleep. The next morning, when I awoke, my mother made me a feast for breakfast. Personally, I am not a big breakfast person, but it was not my body so why not pig out. When I thought I would pop out of my clothes, I stopped eating. We decided that I would go play and that she would go run some errands. She said that Zeus wanted to see her. I headed off to the fields and played with butterflies and rabbits that lived there. I was enjoying myself when the ground started to shake. I knew exactly what was going on. I screamed, “Earthquake!” and fell to the ground. About that time the earth opened up, a chariot with black horses galloped near me, and the driver, with a cunning smile, grabbed me around the waist and held me close to his body. As quick as he appeared, we were gone. I watched as the hole closed and the sun and flowers became only a memory. Now I was in darkness. We rode as I watched the lava and fire shoot up around us. The hands of the less fortunate reached up at us as their cries echoed. I was very frightened by all that I saw. I made a mental note that there was no way I was going to hell when I returned to my world. This image would be stuck in my mind forever. The chariot finally stopped and the driver let me go. I stepped back from him and stared. His body was muscular and he wore a crown upon his head. His eyes were cold and hard. He spoke to me saying, “I am Hades, King of the Underworld and brother of Zeus. I have brought you here to be my wife, my queen. You will spend all your days as my companion. You will love me as I already love you.” Was he serious? I had heard of a quick engagement, but this was way too quick for me. I told him that I wanted my mother and begged him to send me home. He denied my request and grabbed me by the wrist. I cringed in pain and he let me go, apologizing for causing me pain. He asked me to follow him and I obliged. We entered a room filled with food. I was extremely hungry, but I refused to eat what he provided. He ate right in front of me. That was a little rude. So that night he tried to fool around. I was not about to mess around with him, so I told him no, that I was not ready. I was shocked when he relented, but grateful at the same time. The days passed and I explored my new home. I was beginning to think that I would never leave. Each day I refused to eat and each night I refused his advances. Just when I thought all hope was lost, Hermes showed up and told my husband that I was to return to my mother in the world above. Boy, was I happy because I could finally eat!! I learned from Hermes that my mother had caused total desolation of the Earth in protest. She would not relent until I was returned to her. Before I left my husband offered me a pomegranate. At first I refused, but he would not let me leave till I did. I ate only a little before leaving with swift Hermes. The sun hurt my eyes when I reached the surface. When they adjusted I saw my mother. We ran to each other with tears in our eyes. We embraced. Then she asked me the strangest question. She wanted to know if I had eaten anything while I was with Hades. I told her no at first, but then revealed that I had eaten some of a pomegranate. She closed her eyes and told me that I was bound to Hades because I had eaten some of the pomegranate. So, for six months I am happy and cheerful with my mother and the land blossoms and is plentiful. For the other six months I am with Hades in hell watching the lava boil over the souls of the forgotten. I was so disappointed at the news, but I tried to make the best of my days with my mother. I would go and play in the fields each day and she would keep me under a watchfull eye. One day I was running through the fields chasing after a little butterfly with wings of gold when I tripped and fell. Screaming, I closed my eyes. When I landed I realized how hard the ground felt. I opened my eyes and found nothing, but my desolate cave full of enchanting mysteries


mom, Nana, Mena,Sue, Pick one said...

I remember when you used to come home from high school and tell me these stories and I just loved them, your so very good at this :)

Kersey Klan said...

I would have loved to have known you as a young girl. Being a creative person myself, I do believe I would have "fed" off of you and been more inspired to more creative. You are "Like a box of chocolates". The great thing is the suspense of until next time. Keep them creative juices flowing.