Thursday, June 08, 2006


How many faces
Reflected the past
Reminding me
Of what has gone
Like living ghosts
Saying goodbye
To what was
As not longer is
Or will be
Pieces that are gone
Habits that have been tried
Bringing me here

Often I am reminded of the depths of reflections. Those that we chose as friends are but a reflection of us in some way. Those that anger us reflect a negative side of us that we don't like. That's what I've heard. So now when I find myself reacting in a negative manner I look within to see where that came from. See where that past hurt was and heal it. Acknowledge it and move on. On the flip side I'm learning to acknowledge and accept the gift of richness some compliment me with: "you're the smartest person I know", "you're a wise woman". Those are truths these people have in them reflecting through me.
Is this part of the circle in the power of words? What you say to a person reflects you and them? Your thoughts and feedback is welcome. Namaste

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mom, Nana, Mena,Sue, Pick one said...

how very awesome, I am just one of your biggest fans and your sister to boot, life is very sweet...

I love ya sis;