Friday, June 30, 2006

Getting lost is getting found

First to update the air is fixed. AHHHHHH!

I just got off the phone with a friend only because our ears were hurting. Our conversations revolved around art. Which everyone who knows me knows I like getting 'lost' in that conversation and will leave the yawners behind in my dust. lol. It is my 'bliss'. "It" meaning art has been the ONLY consistant thing in my life. So many times it's been pushed aside, buried deep, and insulted It's always found a way to seep out. Whether it'd be in words, great food, gardening, drawing, glasswork, photography or just plain ideas 'It' finds a release. If 'It' isn't released It consumes.

There are those amongst my family and friends that keep telling themselves they don't have any talent. They can't draw, paint, or create like I do. No you can't! Just in the same way I can't draw, paint or create like YOU do. We all have our talents, we really know what they are; we've just chosen to ignore them or martyr them to those we entrust with our love, conditionally, or have placed aside for one reason or another. As with everything else, the old saying goes, it takes practice to make it perfect. So no one will be perfect from the beginning, where would they have to go from there? Though something may seem only temporary, when it touches someone else's soul it's lived eternally.

I love getting 'lost' in museums and art. That is my sanctuary, that is where I find spirit, that is where even a mere rough sketch touches me with the humility that the great ones were human just like me. It is where they tell me to keep creating, keep learning, and be 'found' in my true nature of spirit. Just keep doing it. So I hope that when you find yourself losing time in something you do, you enjoy getting found.


Terry said...

this talent you do have and many times I beleive I have brought up some companys that you should try for. IM only good with stick people.


mom, Nana, Mena,Sue, Pick one said...

You have such a profound talent for Art, words, history...I don't think there is a subject that you don't have some knowledge about..
I praise you little sister for your talent like you praise me for mine, the gift of home.
I will be one amoung many who is a true fan of you..

Love you sister;