Saturday, November 21, 2009


Next week already. This last Friday seemed to be the LONGEST day at work; we all ran out as that minute hand hit 5pm. We ought to get a clock that at 5 o'clock pm yells the word "Freedom" in Mel Gibson's great rendition. Now earlier in the week it was very busy with a group of people from central reservations visiting. We all took turns showing them around; and they we're kept running from early in the morning until well into the evening. They hardly got any free time and I imagine they went through the mind melting all the information overload upon their return. Still my part was fun as I get a kick out of showing off my 'backyard'.

Today was the first "Art Talk" - I hosted a class at the rec center to go over the basics of drawing. Two people showed, but hey, that's two more then 15 minutes before hand. After we went to lunch, we took in the exhibit at the Kolb. The two ladies with me decided to hike down the Bright Angel trail a little ways; I sat and drew for a little while. It was really breezy and didn't take long for the breeze to whip up and become colder; so I put my things away and headed out. Just in time there was a large group of Japanese visitors heading out with cameras at the ready!

Pulling out the Christmas items I was assalted with memories of last Christmas here. Last year I was excited, for the first time in quite a while, whereas this year I shrug. Maybe it was being with someone to do things together, but I'd rather it'd be in a healthy relationship or none at all. This year it is the latter; so I make the best of it as it's certainly not my first Christmas alone; and I'm sure won't be the last.

Zak will be here in less then a month, I've set my vacation time to spend time with him. And since he's getting a car, to escape the canyon for a little while. It's really not so bad, I'm realigning still and have some plans in the fire for changes, some beginning in the new year getting back to basics. Though if I get any more great catalogs with cute clothing I won't have room.

Not sure if I'll blog about Thanksgiving; I'm hosting it at my house for friends and friends of friends some old some new. Though I'll miss my dear friends in Florida my heart is with you and I am thankful for the closeness we cherish whether we're miles or continents apart.


Sunni-Day said...

wow, how come I didn't know you were "hosting" an art class?

And Happy Holidays

CeeGee said...

Have a very wonderful Thanksgiving, you deserve a little if not a LOT of happiness. Enjoy the time you have with your precious friends.