Sunday, November 01, 2009


Happy November. It's been a long but not slow summer into fall time period. Through it I took several trips, some over night, some day trips. I fought spider bites (several times) and illness (this last one took me for a loopy ride!). It's been 6 months since Mike left and I feel as though I am waking up. Just in time for winter. We had a little snow the other day - it didn't stick - and today it's a balmy 60 degrees.

Earlier this month I took a trip with the rec center to Sedona. We started out at Slide Rock, which is just as the name implies a rock feature you slide down with the water. I didn't plan on riding down, just enjoying the scenery; I thought it's just a bunch of woods around the area great fodder for drawing. Little did I know it was actually once a homestead; on it the apple trees are still tended and there are several of the buildings in use by the NPS. I was also struck at how much it resembled Utah, you decide for yourself.

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