Thursday, November 26, 2009

American Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. The surge in electric bills have begun - as soon as that oven was cranked to start the bird and fixings.
The deer are frollicking and the sun is shining, no snow and none in the forcast at least for now. I'm secretly (well not anymore) hoping it doesn't fly until Zak has left.

The Christmas Jazz station is on my Yahoo radio and in 5 minutes I put the bird in. We've moved the dining venue to Patricks, as he's got more seating spaces, a tv, and we decorated until midnight last night last night. Between the two of us we tend to come out almost as a whole (he's gay, haha. Half of my kitchen items is up at his apartment. I'm not putting up a tree this year; there's enough in my back year. I did put out ornaments and I'm watching a heard of deer wander past my window.

Okay, it's over 1 hour later the skin is darkened (more then I wanted since I spread honey on it - oh well), so it's tented with foil, and the turkey smells really good. It's weird having my house empty of people on a holiday; even in St. Augustine I had company at least the last year I was there. Once the food is put away literally and figuratively I will work on Christmas Cards, and getting ready to mail out one or two packages of presents. I will take advantage of the post office being open tomorrow. It's nice being off for four days. I'm looking forward to doing a few things besides laundry and cleaning the apartment. Maybe get a little hiking and drawing in.

Almost time, the chairs are upstairs as I kneel to post; glancing up I see a doe and a buck pass by. I wonder what they think and say when they communicate; oh to understand would be pretty interesting I think.

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