Wednesday, November 04, 2009


The CDC (Center for Disease Control) website states that 99% cases of the flu reported since September 2009 are the H1N1, aka the swine flu. It is a doozy. It definately has different characteristics from the other known flu's as it attacks the bronchial tubes quickly.


DON'T USE ANYONE'S PEN - silly? maybe but think about how the germs from someone coughing into their hand before signing a credit card receipt.

Use your debit card rather then cash - there's already a gazillion germs on paper cash, cut the handling down as much as possible.

Carry towlettes that contain alcohol on you or with you; if you have to shake hands wipe discreetly or say politely "I'm getting over a cold, please understand it is a pleasure to meet you..." if they aren't happy that you're concerned for their welfare well think about it.

There are many precautions presented on the CDC's website; just google CDC.

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