Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Yesterday everything was great, had a lot of people in and out throughout the day at Patrick's. It was funny; everyone consumed a lot quickly at first; then all sat back rubbing out stomachs, then slowly got up and picked at the food throughout the day. Quantities of wine were consumed, laughter filled the air along with various degrees in conversations; one side of the room would talk about religion or philosophy, another side of the room would talk psychology.

So here it is the day after, I'm off. Not going shopping; well I do need to go to the store for Patrick and a few things for myself. I plan on making a turkey soup at Patrick's insistance. I'm out of dill, unfortunately it can't be found here at the canyon. So I'll call it dill less turkey soup except there is dill on the turkey, well was. It turned out well even with the carmelized skin.

I hope everyones black Friday is a safe one as we go into Christmas time. Zak will be here in two weeks! Can't wait to see him.

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