Sunday, August 03, 2008

What Mari-jane has to say..

I am posting in place of Nancy today. She has been forced into internet hiatus by the money stealing, modem stealing, heart stealing SOB, MIke.. who she was engaged to both in status and soul. Regardless of his reasons.. which Nancy has tried to deduce on her own since he left her no clue.. he was a cowardly, spineless, Pussy.. do not pardon my french, when he packed up and left in less than a day,while she was at work.. He left with the car,(in his name, but paid for by her $450), their $1200 in savings.. $800 contributed by her. He took the computer modem which leaves her with no phone & no internet. He left the computer which she paid $1000 of and he paid $500. He took the cell phone which was in her name, along with the bill, but hopefully he didn't charge much before I had her deactivate it.
You see Mike, I don't care what you say or think about me. You have no value in my life. Nancy does.. you dispespected her and used your dishonesty to hurt her.. 2 things I don't tolerate. So Karma may bite my ass.. but it will chow down on you first!


Lisa J. Michaels said...

Mari-Jane, I couldn't have said it better myself. What a low life, dead beat, rat bastard!

I hope the Karma you speak of hunts him down like the trashy dog that he is.

Reasons be damned, no one has the right to trample on another human soul like that...especially our wonderful Nancy!

Now that his true colors have emerged and we know who he REALLY is, good riddance!

Money can be replaced, pride can be replenished, but a heart takes forever to heal.

Jackie said...

Don't know when you will get to read this but just know that we love you.
Mike is an asshole and a thief. He showed his true colors and thankfully it was before you were married.
Gee, and he had the nerve to threaten Susan. Wow! Sure would love to run in to him (literally:-))! My truck has list on the front of those it would like to "meet" and his name is on it.

Deborah Fulthorp said...

Nancy -
Sorry that I didn't get a chance to sit down & chat @ work in the slow moments. Sometimes I get caught up in my own thing or own world and forget to see how the person next to me truly is doing. Beyond the veneers that we may put on at work. I appreciate your honesty and enjoy our little talks and your willingness to be open about your "lucid moments" in life.
I may not believe in Karma, but I do believe you reap what you sow, and Mike will eventually reap the corrupt actions he has sown.
I truly am sorry that you have to go through this.
I will be praying for you.