Saturday, August 23, 2008

Enjoy the dance of life

Here it is Mada's day of renewal 5 years ago, into what is unknown to us and what would've been her 20th year. I smile as I feel the waves, and the tears fall, my hands shake as my center rotates yet another round; then it passes. Like all things.

I still make plans with those I have come to be close to here in the canyon: hiking to phantom ranch for Thanksgiving, watching the sunrise from the porch of the El Tovar with a cup of their really good hot chocolate on Christmas morning as there is a holy sanctuary outside 'my back door'.

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Sunni-Day said...

Guess we both had a strange weekend.
The 22nd woulda been my last ex's birthday if he hadn't of died in Jan 2006 & the 23rd was my youngest daughter's 11th birthday.

But hey I liked the title of this may life give you many more reasons to dance.