Friday, April 18, 2008

New stripes? They sure look like the old ones...

Sometimes people put on a facade of new clothes, life, job, home or a piece of furniture to distinquish the changes in their 'stripes'. At least until the same 'issues' that were supposed to leave with the chucking of the old come back around and waltz back into ones life challenging us to either handle it the way we always have or create a new outcome. Sometimes it's not easy to see the 'old' issues clearly as they're cleaverly disguised under layers of pretenses the 'new' was covering. Layering it as it is gives it a different face, but it knaws until the old face of familarity is back. Then it'll kick back and relax, because habit keeps it comfortable. deep inside arguing with will power 'why fight what you can't control?' 'I'm baaaack!' Justify the need, it whispers to the soul and the soul does turning it back into the habit it once was. Those outside get affected one way or another, some by shock, some by a tsk and a shake of the head, then those close to the eye of the storm can either get angry or realize the anger is in themselves for believeing the layers. Once the anger is gone a realization of choice is given, accept it for what it was and move on or boil in anger. Moving on doesn't mean staying open for that type of behavior to continue, but to learn from it and either cut it from the environment or not to let it continue to affect one by removing it from your life (usually through disassociation). Harm to another is not an accepted choice.

Before anyone reads anything into this no this is not about Mike and me, we're fine. Just a personal observation.

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Anonymous said...

understand this one fully, I have been there and done it over and over again. This Too Shall Pass