Friday, April 25, 2008


Here it is Friday...again. Though this was a 'short' 'work' week it feels long because I got a lot done.

On Monday and Tuesday I had off, so it was a nice long weekend. Ended up running more, and doing more things it was almost a relief to get back to work. Which was a new job. Started in hr on Wednesday. A lot of filing since the person who I'm replacing is still there, she starts her work on Monday, but it's a good way to get aquainted with the staff that is there. It's nice to meet the newbies; and the staff I already know half of them and the other half is nice. So it'll be a good atmosphere to work in.

Today is a special Friday for one of the staff members, Sue, she and her guy get married up on the rim. So for their present I'm taking pictures, I've also got a beautiful frame for them to pick one to print. Still on my list for the weekend is to go to the Kolb studio to see the new show and the Hopi dancers.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like fun, okay where are all these men? They sure aren't here in South Florida.I wouldn't even want to say is the last time I was with some one I klcked him out. They are either too young, too old, and gay.
or in a relastionship that I don't want to do the breaking of it up.Well, This TOO CAN PASS!!!!. (LOL).