Sunday, April 06, 2008

New Picture

I just posted a picture for my profile on the blog. It was fun playing with the Adobe Elements using different lighting, textures and changing the saturation, hue and brightness. I saved a couple of them, for the difference, but used the one because if one looks close enough you can see Mike's reflection on taking the picture in my sunglasses.

This one is straight out of the camera. Mid day lighting (too harsh)

This one is changed to black and white with a few filter plays.

This final one, I removed the color, and added 'old photo' to give it graininess or character as I like to refer to it.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other fun stuff to do.

1 comment:

Mom and Nana, I am both! said...

I love it, it's an awesome picture...
Great job Mike.