Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy November

It's not quite the new month here but when this gets posted it will be. I went to say hello to Susan at work and a co-worker asked me "What are you doing in your civies?" Knowing he understands my way of thinking I replied "Going out to draw magnificence." He smiled and corrected me when I said "well attempt anyways." He replied, "you had it right the first time."

I didn't 'draw' per se, but absorbed. It was found in a bee flitting through the needles dipped in sunshine on a pinon pine. Elegance in simplicity.

I turned in an internal application for an administrative assistant with a different department. Being within my 90 days it has to be approved by my super. He didn't reject it, however he did let me know he needed to talk to the rooms director and assistant rooms director. Not the norm but I consider it a compliment. He asked me why, when I told him the main perk was single housing status, he looked a bit deflated and said he understood too well. I also got my drawing pens. That was exciting. I also met a new employee at Susan's desk that is a professional photographer. We started talking 'shop', as she has a camera similar to what I have, while others stood by looking perplexed. I shared with her some of the things I've learned by playing, she offered use of her multiple lenses; and invited me to join with her and several people that are starting up a camera club. Now that would be nice.

'The man who flushed the toilet next door' nodded to me as I had supper with Susan and her boss. (And yes I used the word 'flushed' rather then 'flushes' on purpose.) We then went to her house and handed out candy to the kids, I really enjoyed that. It was therapeutic hearing the giggles, seeing the costumes, seeing the smiles. What was really surprising is the 2 bedroom apartment her boss has is so similar to my old apartment. Sans the wood floor, granite counter tops and fabulous equipment it was built similar. A loft bedroom, with a washer and dryer with 2 full bathrooms. They even had a cool patio outside the downstairs bedroom. I was just a little 'homesick', but only for a moment.

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Anonymous said...

it will happen and you will have a bigger place too, it sounds like your settling and making friends, but, your friendly anyway. Keep us posted, I would love to see the canyon, wow! NICE TO SEE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL, I WAS TOLD IT TAKES YOUR BREATH AWAY.