Friday, October 26, 2007

New Discoveries

I was talking with a co-worker at the cafe this morning. After he told me of his and his girlfriends adventure to Monument Valley, he asked what I did on my time off. I told him I went to sketch in my new sketchbook. It felt so good. I also told him how ticked I was when a tourist took my picture without asking for my permission. I had felt someone watching me, when I looked up I was staring at a camera. He had asked "do you mind?" as he clicked, and I just looked at him and stated "I guess not." then packed my stuff and moved on. Well my co worker also works for an association that supports the arts, and suggested I take in a local studio here in the canyon. So I did. And discovered food for my soul. So this week I'll take my camera in and do some pictures, and on my days off still practice the 'plein air' drawing that I look at now and see they're not half bad. Even for rough sketches.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! You never know that person could have been an artist! your picture he/she took of you, could become famous some day.

Love ya