Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A sense of time

In reading my past entries I was awakened to the knowing of not posting much since I've been here. The crickets do sing, as the ravens talk. The scent of pine perfumes the air giving a sense of comfort to the day even if it doesn't require a comforting presence. I still miss the lightening bugs.
Today I went to Flagstaff and got to drive 180 back, it was exquisite. The aspen grow in clumps their white bark resembling the birch offering a backdrop of a maze. It reminded me of a painting I once saw where there was a pack of wolves in the shadows on the bark and in the trees as a native rode a horse in the quiet winter night. I felt the shadows whispering, unfortunately I was not alone so I couldn't 'listen' as closely as I wanted, it was a knowing all in it's own accord driving through the land. In the passage I drove through a prairie valley which reminded me of Indiana; barn and all, to bring it all into full circle focus.
Through it all there has been a meeting of many peoples as new folks come in. It's nice meeting those with similar ideas, theories, and most of all very interesting stories as to what brought them here. New friends, without the 'welcome wagon' logo.

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