Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tomorrow is another day

But unlike any ordinary day it's another day off. Actually my 'Saturday' which I have labeled my off time as my vacation time. Some of it will be spent taking care of business, which I will joyfully do my best to complete in time to have some one on one time with my spiritual self and earth. This week I have met more people from Florida, it's been too funny. A couple of people from St. Pete, too. There is even a lady working here who's last name is Graves, now isn't that something?! It's her married name, but still freaky. We plan on starting some hiking since it's not safe to hike alone. Susan's not a hiker, and well, 'the man who flushes the toilet next door' is nothing more then an acquaintance... Either way she'll probably pack the fundamentals like Gookinade (a discovery that is AMAZING), salty snacks, and stuff like that while my pack is filled with art supplies. Go figure.

There have been 'prescribed fires' burning on the North rim; creating veils of illusions into the canyon. I love to see all the differences, sometimes the peaks resemble eagle heads looking at me, other times the illusion is nothing more then the reality it is. I took some really cool 'artsy' photos at the Kolb Studio the day before yesterday. Yes I will eventually put them on the blog, or at least one or two. The watercolor pencils are here, still waiting on the rapidographs (art pens), but it's a beginning. I'm even happy with the rough sketches and right now that's all that matters.

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Anonymous said...

can't wait to see some of them, see they say it's a small small world. Wierd how her last name is like your's.