Sunday, August 27, 2006

Anam Cara

The title is Gaelic for soul friend. Those who surpass the boundries of time to be together. I'm blessed to have several; MJ, Terri, and Dori as the core. (TerryM you're one too).

MJ, Terri and I went kayaking Saturday morning. I was browbeat into it and had NO way out. With the love and understanding of true friends I thoroughly enjoyed it. Man I want a kayak, and paddle now! It was sooo peaceful. I actually saw the beauty in saw palmettos and palm trees. To me it looked like a Thomas Cole (Hudson Valley School of art in the turn of the last century) painting. It wasn't hard to do either. Well, despite fighting current on the way back was a bit trickier but so worth it.

While we were out there MJ commented on how some people are just dazed and amazed how we've been close friends for such a long time when she brings us up in conversation. Not to mention that not one of us is from this area but we all moved here (still one missing TerryM), to be close to each other. We've become our 'chosen families'. Terri, said quite plainly 'it was fate'.

Thank you girls for shoving me through another door. I look forward to more adventures.


Terry said...

Thank-you for including me, sometimes I can get convinced and then, I guess it might need a 3am talk. I miss being around you and Mj and I have in the time that I have spent there gotten to know Terri and Dori. I guess we do have a chosen family, with mine not being around sometimes I feel very lost down here. I get so excited when I get ready to come and see my adopted sisters and adopted brother,and the whole entire family that a tear starts every time. Of course it is the same and I have never told this to anyone that it is the same when I leave and hit 95 that tear starts.but, when, Im back in my neck of the woods IM okay, what I do, home and work. Kyaking sounds like fun.
Love you and maybe see you Labor Day Weekend, keep you posted,
Terry M

Mari-jane said...

What are friends for if not to shove us through doors?! Sometimes it is the thing we do not imagine ourselves doing that becomes what gives our imagination new life! I had a great time too! Thanks for daring to do it! Love to all my nearest & dearest friends! MJ

Pulchritude said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast. Kyacking is very good for losing weight and building arms strenght. Since you want one, you should look into Play It Again Sports, they have these inflattable kyacks that are REALLY good, Chris and I used to use them when we would go by ourselves. We went down the entire Hillsboro River (which mind you has TONS and MILLIONS of alligators), and they held us up and safe. They are alot easier on storage and moving around. We should all go to Rainbow Springs sometime and kyack, it is beautiful and we can swim as well. I think that would be a blast.